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Accelerate operation and improve SEO of the store thanks to consistent size of graphics on all devices and abandoning the flash format

We are introducing a number of changes in the graphics that can be uploaded to the IdoSell Shop to increase the visual appeal of stores and thus, to increase the product sales. We enable control over the size of banners, buttons and ads, and we remove flash ads, thanks to which you can be sure that your store will be displayed correctly on every device, operate faster and have a higher position in search engines. Similar changes await another elements of the store, namely graphics in the menu nodes.

Both us and our customers care about graphics uploaded to IdoSell Shop stores to be displayed properly on each device. We are aware that it has a great impact on the visual attractiveness of the store, as well as their position in search engines. Uploaded graphics were often too large and too heavy which reduced their visibility and significantly lengthened the page loading time. What is more, after introducing the ability to upload RWD graphics for banners, buttons and ads, the natural step was to introduce the technology of automatic adaptation of the template to the browser window and the device used for the next element of the store's template.
Therefore, to meet expectations, we are introducing a package of changes for the graphic upload mechanism, which improves stores display, accelerates their operation and increases security.

Banners, buttons and ads sizes control

After introducing the ability to upload RWD graphics, IdoSell Shop stores have the option of displaying graphics in different sizes depending on the device the client uses. However, in order to achieve the effect of a good presentation of uploaded graphics and good SEO, it was necessary to ensure their appropriate size, which was complicated.

From now on, regardless of whether you have a customized template or a STANDARD one, the sizes of banners, buttons and ads uploaded by you are checked for compliance with the set sizes.

The ability to upload graphics to menu nodes in versions for three screen sizes

Until now, uploading RWD graphics was only possible for banners, buttons and ads. Now we provide this option also for graphics in menu nodes. You can upload graphics of various sizes to menu nodes, thanks to which your IdoSell Shop will look great on every device.

Dodawanie grafik RWD do węzłów menu

The availability of this option depends on the template of your shop. If your template does not support RWD graphics in the menu, and you have a customized template, contact us. For customers with STANDARD templates, we would like to inform you that we are working on supporting RWD graphics in the menu.

Disabling uploading flash elements and removing uploaded flash ads on September 1, 2018

When developing IdoSell Shop we care about the security of stores and the use of stable and modern technologies. Therefore, we have decided to disable the ability to upload flash elements in the store. Support for this technology by Adobe will be terminated in the coming years, moreover, it is not displayed correctly on many devices and often there are security gaps detected in it. You will no longer be able to select this format in the field Ad type.

The next step will be deleting already uploaded flash ads on September 1, 2018. Therefore, if you use ads in flash format, we advise to replace them with equivalents in picture formats. You can also commission it to us. Thanks to this change, banners, buttons and ads will be displayed correctly on all devices, and the stores will be even more modern.

More about graphics sizes control Commission to us customization of the template