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A new way to add and edit PDF printed document templates that replace existing documents in ODT format

Until now, if you needed to automatically prepare documents filled with data, e.g. with orders, other than sales documents or courier labels, you could create templates based on the ODT format. The changes required the installation of a text editor, as well as its subsequent generating and printing. Such a document can not be automatically printed by IAI Printer, e.g. at the time of order verification in our WMS. And because we gradually eliminate the need to use of other programs than the browser even for super-advanced activities, we present a completely new system of printed document templates, based on defining them in HTML and generated in PDF. Thanks to this, such documents can be easily transferred to an automatic printout in IAI Printer, or via API, e.g. to a fulfillment company.

To enable customization of documents printed in PDF we have created a completely new tool. Now you can create your own printed documents templates in the panel, using simple HTML tags. The tool has also been equipped with the WYSIWYG editing mode, thanks to which you can easily format text directly in the preview of the document, as is the case in popular text editors. In addition, after each template saving you have access to the changelog, so you can easily return to the previous version.

Templates list


In document templates in HTML editing mode you can place pictures, tables, change text justification or font size and colour. There are also ((/blog/we-added-a-number-of-new-dynamic-variables-which-can-be-found-in-e-mail-templates-printed-documents-cpa-programs-meta-tags-as-well-as-html-and-javascript-snippets-1235325498?currency=gbp|variables)) that were used in the ODT format. The use of variables allows you to fill the document at the time of generating with content, e.g. with an order or a return.

Edit template

Thanks to the preview, you can be sure that the printed document will be meet your expectations. Each HTML document will be converted to the PDF format, which will allow you to preview and print the document in a web browser or will be directly uploaded to IAI Printer.

What is the reason for this change?

PDF documents are currently the standard for the format in which documents are sent. You can open them on any modern device. They are also widely accepted as e-mail attachments or as documents downloaded electronically, because unlike ODT or DOC documents, they guarantee the same look and print on each computer.
The second reason is a simple edit and a quick preview of changes in HTML, i.e. in a fully controllable environment by developers. We also made sure that the templates have a history of changes saved. If you make a mistake and save the template, it will allow you to quickly return to the previous, correct version of the document. The third is the ability to print the document automatically by IAI Printer without additional clicks, e.g. after order verification, when you generate sales documents in PDF.

ODT documents and existing sales documents will be withdrawn

Szablony dokumentów ODT zostaną docelowo wycofywane zgodnie z harmonogramem:

  • April 1, 2018 - we block the possibility of adding new ODT templates
  • July 1, 2018 - ODT templates will be unavailable for download and printing

In addition, we would like to inform you that from February 1st we will start analogical changes for sales documents, which will give you the opportunity to customize. The changes we have planned will also enable further improvements for sales documents, e.g. in the field of many advance and correction invoices.

New variables for documents

We have also expanded the list of available variables with:

  • product parameters
  • net value, VAT and gross for additional charges for shipment, payment and insurance
  • including additional fees for shipment, payment and insurance on the summary of VAT rates
  • the quantity of products in the order

We have also improved all previously identified errors in handling variables that we had accumulated ODT documents and in PDF templates they should work correctly. By preparing the system in a different way, we will be able to respond faster to new customer needs and add more variables when needed.

Where can we find HTML document templates?

Document location has not changed and can be found in the shop panel menu in MODERATION/Printed documents.