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A new version of the product card, optimized for efficient use of multivariants

Taking care of our clients' development, our best experts are constantly trying to improve IdoSell shops. Product card, as one of the most important shop elements, should not only be visually attractive but also transparent and user-friendly. Thus, product card has been optimized for product multivariants, especially those which consist of a large number of products. Product card optimization primarily concerns extending multivariants operations and all the mechanisms which constitute the basis of this functionality. On requests of our customers and the demand for a greater potential of this mechanism, we have expanded and optimized product card, so that it is possible to load a lot more variants and configure a product - it is particularly important if you use large product groups in your shop.

The change is very far-reaching and changing the way of loading information. Instead of loading all variants on a product card in a fixed manner, now they only necessary pieces of information are dynamically loaded. We used a technology which is widely used in our online stores, namely AJAX technology, which has a significant impact not only on the speed of loading a product card, but also on the amount of transferred data. Thus, it reduces the use of transfers for large product groups.

The best example of mechanism possibilities after optimization may be the shop of one of our clients - On the basis of this eample, you can see how conveniently you can use multivariants to build such a complex and extensive product configurator. By using the appropriate combination, you can choose the right set of curtain features and adjust it to your needs:

The address bar is also worth noticing. Thanks to the advanced techniques, the customer always has a current URL for the product card, so for example after copying it to the clipboard or making it available in Social Media, it specifically shows the chosen product variant. It is also worth to pay attention to the fact that not on only prices are updated the displayed product card but also photos and a description, what makes a good use of product groups possibilities available in IdoSell Shop, where you can choose which information is shared and which is separate for each variant.

As you can see thanks to the extended and improved mechanism is is possible to create any configurator, consisting of many grouped products (for example a few hundred). The standard form has been designed to enable flexibly visualize all methods of product configuration.

Remember that investing in an attractive product card has a positive effect on the reception of your store by the clients. Optimizing product card was introduced in all of our standards. If you would like to use large product groups and your shop front has not been optimized, do not worry. Just contact our specialists via the ticketing system and let our webmasters adjust product card to your needs, including our latest solutions.

Customers interested in using product groups exceeding standard 150 products, please contact our support department. Due to the fact that product grouping system is still experimental and being optimized, this functionality will be systematically made available to the interested clients, including free technical supervision. Ultimately, we want to make it possible to connect up to 1,000 products on one product card.