Start your own online wholesale store and manage B2B relations effectively

Over 3500 customers, including big companies, use our ecommerce solution. Thus, it is obvious that many customers decide to run a wholesale business. Since our target group includes professional sellers, while developing our solution we always take wholesale into consideration. We believe that it constitutes an integral part of retail sales. Our B2B solutions include ready-to-use scenarios, even those which are not available in other solutions or require an expensive customized system.

On-line wholesale store

Supporting big companies made us even more focused on providing beautiful designs and excellent usability of online stores. As a result, our wholesale stores are not only eye-catching, but also easy to use for the customers. Online wholesale store security is equally important. We provide equal security levels as in B2C stores, as all stores are based on the same ecommerce platform. Sometimes such stores are more prone to unfair customer practices. However, we take meticulous care of security of all our customers.

B2B store access adjusted to your business model

You have a choice of options as to how your product offer is made available to end customers:

  • Offer available only after signing in – access to your online wholesale store will be possible only for customers with relevant credentials, namely login and password.
  • Prices visible only after signing in – access to your wholesale store is partially open, all users can see your products, but to see the prices and place order,s they have to have register and sign in.
  • Retail offer combined with wholesale offer – access to your store is fully open, all users can see your offer and place orders, but only signed in users with the wholesaler status see B2B prices.

Built in inventory control and different types of integration with external ERP systems

IdoSell Shop comes with a built in warehouse management system - you can easily run multiple B2B and B2C stores, with individual price lists and advanced stock control capabilities without having to rely on external software.

If you already use an external ERP system however, you do not have to resign from it. You can use IAI Bridge to integrate with your in-house solution, or let us plan and implement the integration for you.

If you separate online and wholesale store, for accountings purposes you can export all warehouse operations and sales documents without the need to buy a license for a warehouse program for every employee of your wholesale store.

B2B store made ready for dropshipping

If you run an online wholesale store and offer dropshipping, IdoSell Shop provides ready-to-use interfaces which enable full order processing automation.

Thanks to our solution, your staff and external retailers do not have to place orders by the phone or via email, but can simply upload orders directly to the B2B store, which saves time and resources.

IdoSell Shop stores also support cross-docking by default.

Different price lists or even individual product prices for a given customer

You can create discount groups and assign them to selected customers or simply assign an individual discount to a given customer. You can also set a selected product to be available to a given customer at a set price. If you use IAI Bridge, customer prices can automatically synchronize with a given online wholesale store. What is more, while generating an offer and exporting it to the file for a given customer, all previously defined discounts will be taken into account.

Retail and wholesale stores based on one system

The multishop functionality enables running many wholesale stores and many retail stores in a single administration panel. This feature enables you to effectively optimize costs and manage online sales, as you base your sales on one integration and one order list. Retail stores can have their own offers and prices, and wholesale stores their own, different ones.

Dedicated online wholesale store template

The STANDARD B2B RWD template is the fastest way to open your own online B2B store. It is a great starting point for creating a personalized wholesale store. Within a given implementation package or a separate commission, our graphic designers can adjust this comprehensive template to your exact needs.

Trade credit and invoices with due dates

Invoices with due dates and trade credits constitute crucial elements of wholesale sales. For some customers you can define terms and limits on the basis of which they will be able to make purchases – thus, you will be able to fully control income and assortment distribution. If you use IAI Bridge, the debt limit and current balance can be automatically synchronized external ERP systems.

Granular user rights in the administration panel

If your business policy requires assigning certain rights and ranks to your employees, you can configure it in the administration panel. You can limit access to certain modules and functionalities, e.g. block access to financial reports, POS terminals, marketing, customer base export, etc.

High level of usability which increases conversion rates

Thanks to full-text product search engine, best navigation solutions and modern usability features, your B2B conversion rates will skyrocket. We will be more than happy to present you with case studies of companies, which noticed rapid sales growth thanks to IdoSell Shop. The reason for increased sales is quite simple – wholesale store customers could reach a bigger number of products, quickly and make purchases easily without unneccesary limitations.

IdoSell Shop administration panel has built in functionality for both wholesale (B2B) and retail (B2C) sales. You decide which model each store in your administration panel follows by making a few simple configuration changes.