When the CLOUD is not enough.

Your IdoSell.com on-line store may be installed on a shared server (in the CLOUD subscription plan which is the default-one during the implementation process) or a Dedicated Virtual Server (in the DEDICATED CLOUD subscription plan).

IdoSell.com on-line stores are always ordered with the CLOUD subscription plan (this is the default implementation mode). The change to a virtual dedicated server can be commissioned only after having your on-line store installed on a shared server. You can change your subscription plan via the ticket sent from the Administration Panel.

Dedicated virtual servers are available in 9 variants of the DEDICATED CLOUD subscription plan.

Preparing a virtual server and transferring an on-line store from a CLOUD plan to a DEDICATED CLOUD plan is for free. We do not want to limit your needs but to help you to expand your business. Therefore, we hope that when the time comes and your shop needs higher parameters, you will decide to change to a dedicated server, so your shop works smoothly even when more and more customers visit it.

If needed you can always change the the way, from a DEDICATED CLOUD to CLOUD for just £79/89€.