Are you already working with our API?

If you are already working with the API and would like to propose the development of one of its gateways functionality, just list all of your remarks and thoughts and send them via ticket.

Administration panel API

The administration panel API lets you access all functionality available within the IdoSell Shop administration panel programmatically, in an external application.

Few important notes for developers

The API consumes your server's processing power

Icon API request processing can be resource intensive therefore please make sure that your server plan can support the increased load. Flooding your server with non-optimized request can have a negative impact on the shop's uptime. It is recommended to consider sending heavy requests outside the normal hours of highest customer traffic to the store.

  • For shops running on the CLOUD subscription plan, the number of total API requests in a given month is limited, any requests over the limit will incur additional charges.
  • There is no limit on API requests for shops running on the DEDICATED subscription plan.

So - optimize your API requests!

Try to limit the amount of requests only to the absolute necessary ones, as not to generate unintentional load on the server. Some API endpoints allow for bulk record updates - perfect for lowering the number of connections. Also, try not to authenticate each and every request and keep connections open which can greatly improve performance.

API functionality

The administration panel API, as the name suggests, allows you to perform everything you can normally do manually in the administration panel. It also comes with the same rules, so for example, in order to set inventory levels for products located in warehouses other than M0, you need to first make sure that the right stock management option flag is set.

Error logging and reporting

When creating your application, ensure you enable appropriate logging of both API requests and our server responses (HTTP logs can greatly help us in analyzing any potential issues). Different API endpoints communicate different error messages and codes, which should also be handled appropriately.

API versioning and error reporting

Our API is versioned, so you can rest assured your integration will not break due to some new functionality. We do however ask that you familiarize yourself with newer API versions prior to reporting any issues as it is possible a fix had already been implemented.

You can influence the API functionality

We constantly develop our platform and add new functionality to the API. If you feel that you cannot implement a specific integration due to a lack of certain functionality in the API, please let us know.