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IT Consulting - Web 2.0 and e-commerce is our daily bread

Our main goal is
client satisfaction of services offered by us.
Many years of experience let us believe that
we are on of the most professional companies
on the IT market. Now you can lease us, to make use of our knowledge.

We have been conducting business over the Internet since 2000. We started at a time when the Internet bubble had ruptured and nobody wanted to invest in new projects, considering them to be too risky. Pessimism prevailed in the market and general discouragement to the new medium could be sensed. We saw the possibility of rapid expansion - the Internet had not ended - more and more people benefited from it, the connections were becoming faster practically every day, and words such as "domain" or "e-mail" entered the general public use.

We saw the mistakes of our predecessors, who disappeared from the market, and decided not to repeat them. To this day we are fascinated with stories of companies and various on-line ventures, assuming that it is best to learn from mistakes, but made by others. Now the knowledge gained over the years we would like to offer in the form of consulting in the fields of: design, implementation, administration, e-commerce systems, as well as training, e-learning and general knowledge about conducting business on the Internet.

We had began business in the most difficult time in Internet history. Despite this, we were able to quickly create a profitable website (Hip-Hop.pl) and a rapidly growing e-shop selling clothes and shoes (Skateshop.pl). Experience and knowledge - gained both from the university and books or other publications - we translated to real action. And it all brought the desired effect.

Since 2000, we have met more than one thousand on-line businesses. Many of them are run (or were run) by our customers or friends. We treat these issues as a general case study. Hardly anyone has the knowledge base, based on real experiences of failures and successes. After this time, we know what and how to do so that there could be far more successes than failures. We also know how to do it as cheaply as possible because we understand what it means to start a company from scratch and we know how important are savings and efficiency in running the company.

We know the problems of e-marketing, project management, business, employees and finances handling. We do this successfully every day and every day our clients or friends ask us for different hints and tips - from the often trivial matters to very complex problems that combine aspects of finances, IT, management and marketing. Their solution is in the interest of our customers, and therefore - ours - so we always give them as much attention as they need. Throughout the duration of the handling the IdoSell.com service - so since 2001 - the number of different types of questions sent to us can be safely measured in millions. Providing information and assistance on issues related to e-business is simply in our blood.

In addition to IdoSell.com services we also created a social networking portals (for example, we had put mechanisms for user-generated content in place long before the term Web 2.0 was even used for the first time), we published the press publications and we have participated in many conferences. Paweł Fornalski is also an author of a very popular blog about e-commerce.

Since 2000 we have been running the Hip-Hop.pl portal, which has become the leading social and music portal in Poland and one of the largest sites devoted to this subculture in the world. It is well known and recognized brand. This has been confirmed by granting us the 2004 iNet Awards for Best Music and an invitation for Hip-Hop.pl and Rumor.pl, in a company of just a few Polish websites, to a Media Center Edition for Windows XP and Vista. Every day tens of thousands of Hip-Hop.pl users listed on our website exchange information, reviews and their own music. Every day our portal is visited by tens of thousands of unique users, generating tens of millions of dynamic requests, downloading dozens of gigabytes of movies, music and photos.

Since then we have also prepared other social networking sites, often from only a passion for the subject. Currently, we have extensive experience in managing such a projects from the IT and economic perspective. We also know how to animate communities so they operate and create the website content. We know - from experience and practice - many mechanisms that can be easily and quickly applied to enhance the desired activity of social networking users, while reducing the destructive actions of some individuals at the same time.

We can share our knowledge by means of training, personal consultation or participation in projects, also funded by the European Union. Clients of the IdoSell.com service receive a lot of information included in the price of subscription. Companies or institutions - not using IdoSell.com and are interested in mutual cooperation - are encouraged to contact us.

We understand consulting in e-commerce and social networking widely: from the implementation, the supervision of the implementation, to providing advice and guidance on existing projects or the development of specific modules. We can advise on economic and IT aspects of conducting business. The service price is calculated individually for each recipient, so - in order to prepare specifications that suit your needs - please contact us.