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SaaS (formerly ASP) and cloud computing - access to the IdoSell.com system platform for a subscription fee

Wondering why the IdoSell.com is available only in SaaS (ASP) model? This approach to creating an application gives you guarantee on access to always reliable and the most up-to-date software.

The IdoSell.com is the most advanced software dedicated and especially designed for on-line selling. We provide software that ensures a reliable e-shop management - the core of our system is the Administration Panel. All modules of the Administration Panel operate in the software cloud and are processed in the hardware cloud computing environment. All modules are optimized in order to ensure a fully integrated and automated flow of information. Complexity, technological sophistication and - above all - evolutionary software development process adopted to changing market conditions are key features of the IdoSell.com on-line store software.

Why IAI Company does not allow to purchase the IdoSell.com software? What are the advantages of the SaaS (ASP) model?

Our clients often ask us about the possibility to purchase the IdoSell.com software. If you would like to ask us this question too, please read this article first.

Ask yourself: Why do I need to buy the IdoSell.com software? For what purpose? Below, we present four reasons that are often given by our clients:

1. I want to update my software on my own. I want to develop my own modules.

Software development adopted to changing market conditions is a very difficult and costly task. You need to observe what has changed on the market and what new functions has shown up. You also need to know where you can find these information. Do not forget about programmer (or programmers) required to develop new modules or modify the already existing ones. It is impossible to complete this task for people that are not familiar with our software and do not use it on daily basis. IAI Co. specialists improve, develop and monitor the IdoSell.com platform everyday. Their goal is to ensure a fully automated and transparent flow of information. You can trust them in all cases concerning their own work. All technical affairs should concern us, not you. You can - and actually should! - focus on selling. Ask yourself a question: Do I need to know, how MS Word and Firefox process all information? Do I really need to know in which programming language these applications were written? Not really. The main concern of the most users is a stable and efficient work of these applications. This is the way the IdoSell.com is being developed - it is the most convenient and functional tool for on-line selling.

If you are headstrong and you want to modify and develop all modules by yourself, ask yourself another question - what do you want to modify? If you want to add new functions, you do not have to - the IdoSell.com has thousands of functions and this number raises day by day. If you really miss some functions, send us a suggestion and we will try to help. If your suggestion is interesting, we will add this function to the IdoSell.com - maybe even for free! Our developers know well the entire IdoSell.com system and are ready to perform such tasks quickly and willingly.

Another thing - safety and stability of the system. We monitor servers on which all on-line stores are installed. We give you a full guarantee on our system reliability. Does your contracted programmer give you such guarantee? Believe, the IdoSell.com is well-developed and its complexity is hard to understand for developers who do not work with this system everyday. Are you ready to pay for learning how our system architecture has been constructed? Remember, every developer is only a man, so some oversights may happen. Think about their consequences. Programming is such a field where even one digit or letter may result in multiple errors or even a big system failure.

One of the biggest advantages of the IdoSell.com is continuous updating process of the entire platform. All updates are automatically installed in every e-shop. Thus, each of our clients always uses the latest version of the Administration Panel. All modifications performed on your own may cause an incompatibility and thus prevent automatic updates from being successful.

Additionally, the IdoSell.com has a well-developed and documented API (in SOAP), so the integration of our system functionality with other systems is very easy. If you feel the need to expand the existing functionality of the IdoSell.com, our API is ready to help you in completing this task.

2. I want to purchase the IdoSell.com permanently and do not pay the subscription fee anymore.

The IdoSell.com system platform is like a living organism - updated and upgraded even hundreds times each year. A low subscription fee is not a disadvantage. Paying subscription fee, you get many things in return, including:

  • free service works if any error occurred
  • hardware resources and administration works on dedicated servers!
  • technical support with no extra charge
  • unlimited access to our help line
  • automatic updates installed everyday - always to the latest version

Subscription fee does not bound you to the future - the denouncement period is only 2 months!

When paying subscription fee, you can be sure, that we try to provide services on a high level of quality. If you one-time buy a software package, you do not have such comfort. You are important for software provider only when you are about to buy his software. After the payment has been made, he does not care about your problems anymore. How many times have you tried to send your complaint and never got any response to it? How many times have you heard that warranty does not cover your particular case. Such a situation is not acceptable when cooperating with IAI. We provide the best services and we charge our clients a low monthly subscription fee for them. So, make a choice between reliable software which is continuously updated and one-time-purchase software.

We would also like to rebut the myth that you pay only once for a packaged software. As all things, also your on-line store will require repairs or modernization. Hiring a full-time IT specialist exceeds the cost of even the highest subscription plan, which currently is DC8 for 619GBP/709EUR net. Of course, if you are a programmer, you can say that you will perform these works by yourself. But remember - as the old saying goes - "time is money". Long hours that you spend on the programming works, you can use on more useful and pleasant things, such as carrying out marketing campaigns, analyzing statistics in order to increase sales or simply rest.

It is obvious that both ASP and outsourcing have more advantages over all other forms of settlements and IT projects implementation models. Learn more about outsourcing.

3. What will happen to my on-line store, if IAI Co. closes it's business?

Let's start with the fact, that IAI Co. is financially stable and fast-growing company. In the fourth quarter of 2009, IAI debuted on the New Connect Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It has established the secured company market position.

We have launched more than 3500 on-line stores, which puts us at the vanguard. Above all, we have developed an unrivaled technology, which gives us an incredible advantage over the competition.

So do not be afraid that the IAI Co. closes it's business. If you still worry, you can keep track of our financial results, which we regularly release to the public.

Additionally, each client has the ability to export information on their orders, customers and products to a XML file - for example in IOF or CSV formats. When any serious problem occurs, all data, entire design (we prepare it exclusively) and domain are always accessible to retrieve and transfer to another platform.

4. I want to have a possibility to change my software any time with no stress, but the contract and subscription plan bounds me with IAI Co.

We respect any decision taken by our clients, of course, even the ones about leaving us. Denouncement period is only 2 months, so you can go almost immediately. If you want to change to another system, there's no problem - it is solely your decision. At any moment, you can ask for the project (in PSD format) of on-line store design that you ordered from us. We'll send that project at any time, just ask us to do so. You can always use that project to create a new on-line store. Do you want to download full database including products and clients? No problem. You can do it using IOF or CSV files. Thus, at any time, you have fully available tools that allow you to migrate independently from us.

Many people are surprised, that we enabled such easy migration to another e-selling platform. They ask if we are not afraid of a mass exodus of our clients to our competitors. We respond briefly - no! Why? Because we are the best. You will not want to change the IdoSell.com to a worse or more expensive system. This is why the number of IAI clients is growing rapidly year by year - this number has never fallen so far.

Summary - ASP (Application Service Provider) or SaaS (Software as a Service) is the safest, least expensive settlement method, which ensures the opportunity for unrestricted growth. This can not be said about one-time-purchase software. That's why we do not sell the IdoSell.com software. We lease it.