Copyrights for logo - written license

License for logo allows you to freely use and publish your logotype wherever you want. It also allows you to secure your newly created brand as a trademark.

License to transfer copyright for logo

When paying us for logo creation, we grant you rights to use it only on your store page and all other store-related pages (e.g. in price comparers, so clicking on logo-link would redirect customer to your store).

If you want to publish and use your logo in other places, e.g. sites not directly related to the, and print it on advertising materials or packages, just order a written license for logo, which will transfer copyrights to your company. It allows you to freely use the logotype, modify it and publish in any place and form.

Trademark registration

Very important process for your business is trademark registration in Patent and Trademark Office, which - after taking adequate steps - will ensure protection of your trademark and secure it from illegal competition. To be able to register a trademark, you need all copyrights to it, so a license for logo is required to do this.

We would like to remind you, that logo is always created based on your guidelines and our graphic designers cannot guarantee its uniqueness. To obtain this, you need to perform a special audit and compare your logo with domestic and international trademark registries. Such tasks can be performed by patent agents, companies or law firms. We can create new logo or modify the old one.

How to purchase copyrights to logo?

Fee for written license for logo is independent from logo look and is included in our price list. Order a written license for logo, sending us a graphics ticket and we will gladly issue one for you.