Warehouse Management System capabilities

A Warehouse Management System is essential for medium and large online shops in order to handle orders quickly, inexpensively and without any mistakes. The main aim of our WMS module is to transform chaos into an effective, repeatable and controlled shipment system. By using the WMS module, you can ensure no order handling errors are made and your clients receive exactly what they have ordered in your shop.

What differentiates IdoSell Shop from other solutions, is our focus on professional merchants who generate thousands of orders monthly - such merchants often make the most use of the Warehouse Management module. A typical WMS allows free modelling of a logistics processes. IdoSell Shop supports thousands of medium and large online stores. It enabled us to observe that, in 95% of cases, online stores carry out shipping processes in a very similar way. This knowledge inspired us to create our own warehouse management system which is adapted to the vast majority of our customers.

The main disadvantage of a typical Warehouse Management System is the huge initial implementation cost, which can reach millions. In IdoSell Shop we have built a WMS into our service by offering it as part of an inexpensive monthly subscription fee - it can be launched within just a few minutes.

The IdoSell Shop WMS, thanks to its tight integration with the rest of the ecommerce platform, offers many unique features. Each IdoSell system element will closely and seamlessly integrate with our WMS.

Our WMS Typical WMS (without individual modules) Financial Accounting program
stock level control
Stock operations (GRN, STS, RX, PX, GIN)
Sales reporting
Product picklists
Order handling process adapted to online sales
Product warehouse locations
Delivery methods and times integration
Data collector support
Own Sales Cost control
Sales documents (e.g. invoices and fiscal receipts)
Customer payments and balances integration
Automatic sales documents generation
Automatic courier label generation
Does not have to be installed, integrated or implemented
All information is always up-to-date in relation to the online store
Controls any logistics processes
Supports trucks and pallets management

Using a Financial Accounting program as a substitute is a partial solution, as this type of software typically has no WMS functionality. In contrast, using IdoSell WMS stock management and enables complete and efficient order handling in your online store. Our solution is a perfectly functioning system of connected vessels, which will replace the need to implement a typical and very expensive WMS for your business.

As part of our WMS we provide