On-line store on your mobile phone screen - is it possible? Yes, it is!

Mobile solutions are more and more popular nowadays. Not only wealthy people and businessmen but also teenagers use their smartphones to receive mail, use social media or...shop online. It is therefore important to provide them with a shop which is mobile-friendly. IdoSell Shop supports your business and allows to create such shops.

Thanks to mobile solutions you gain a new sales-marketing channel. Your customers can go through your offer and do shopping in earlier unavailable places and time, i.e. when in a traffic jam, on the bus or when sunbathing. Remember that Facebook or other social networks are now accessed from mobile devices too. So if you have a fanpage it is also essential to have fully functional mobile version of your online shop. You do not want a situation in which your customer is not able to go from Facebook to your shop. Create a mobile version of your shop and use the potential of social networks.

Why running an on-line store in mobile version is a worthy effort?

  • Mobile devices are more and more popular and so it is shopping online

  • Customers who can easily access their shop do it more often

  • It is a perfect way to increase sales as your customers can do shopping anywhere, anytime

  • Quick and fast communication - thanks to a mobile phone, your on-line store is closer to a customer than a PC which allows to increase brand loyalty

  • Very effective whisper marketing - people like to share information between themselves about new, cheap products, i.e. during house parties, lunch-breaks or Sunday dinners

  • Professional design of your on-line store and perfectly fitted graphics are a really great gadget

  • Easy way to increase a number of returning customers - when you are using both an on-line store for mobile devices and a standard on-line store

  • Stand out from the crowd! Which of your competitors runs an on-line store especially designed for mobile devices?

Mobile store as a second, separated store or maybe I should just adapt my single store to be displayed on mobile devices?

You can launch a mobile store in two ways:

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