Structure of stocks.xml file

Technical Specification
Language used in this document: English (en-US)

File holds information on stocks, products from offer are present. Stocks are displayed as a lists. Each stock has its @id attribute and name, that can be entered in multiple languages in the @name attribute.

The multi-language feature is available for <name> tag

XML Example plik stocks (XML) file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<stocks file_format="IOF" version="3.0" language="eng" generated="2018-04-12 12:00:00" >
    <stock id="1" name="Main warehouse">
        <name xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[Main warehouse]]></name>
        <name xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[Magazyn główny]]></name>
    <stock id="2" name="Auxiliary warehouse">
        <name xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[Auxiliary warehouse]]></name>
        <name xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[Magazyn pomocniczy]]></name>
    <stock id="3" name="Exchange warehouse">
        <name xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[Exchange warehouse]]></name>
    <stock id="0" name="Supplier warehouse">
        <name xml:lang="eng"><![CDATA[Supplier warehouse]]></name>
        <name xml:lang="pol"><![CDATA[Magazyn obcy]]></name>

XML Schema Validator: plik stocks (XSD) file