Structure of sizes.xml file

Technical Specification
Language used in this document: English (en-US)

File sizes.xml defines groups of sizes and same sizes as well. Each product may be assigned only to one group of sizes. Similarly to product categories, every group and size require to be specified by @id and @name tags. @name and @id tags should be unique within group – the same as for sizes in groups. @id and @name tags of each size may be duplicated, if particular sizes are in different groups. The multi-language feature is available for size@name attribute.

XML Example plik sizes (XML) file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<sizes file_format="IOF"  version="3.0"  language="eng" generated="2018-04-12 12:00:00">
    <group id="1" name="Clothes">
        <size id="1" name="xxs">
            <name xml:lang="eng">XXS</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">XXS</name>
        <size id="2" name="xs">
            <name xml:lang="eng">XS</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">XS</name>
        <size id="3" name="s">
            <name xml:lang="eng">S</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">S</name>
        <size id="4" name="m">
            <name xml:lang="eng">M</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">M</name>
        <size id="5" name="l">
            <name xml:lang="eng">L</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">L</name>
        <size id="6" name="xl">
            <name xml:lang="eng">XL</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">XL</name>
        <size id="7" name="xxl">
            <name xml:lang="eng">XXL</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">XXL</name>
        <size id="8" name="xxxl">
            <name xml:lang="eng">XXXL</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">XXXL</name>
        <size id="9" name="xxxxl">
            <name xml:lang="eng">XXXXL</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">XXXXL</name>
    <group id="1098261184" name="Slacks">
        <size id="C" name="30/30">
            <name xml:lang="eng">30/30</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">30/30</name>
        <size id="D" name="30/32">
            <name xml:lang="eng">30/32</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">30/32</name>
        <size id="E" name="30/34">
            <name xml:lang="eng">30/34</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">30/34</name>
        <size id="F" name="30/36">
            <name xml:lang="eng">30/36</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">30/36</name>
    <group id="1098261185" name="Boots">
        <size id="O" name="35">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 4, UK: 2,5</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">35</name>
        <size id="P" name="35.5">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 4,5, UK: 3</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">35.5</name>
        <size id="Q" name="36">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 5, UK: 3,5</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">36</name>
        <size id="R" name="36.5">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 5,5, UK: 4</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">36.5</name>
        <size id="S" name="37">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 5,5, UK: 4</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">37</name>
        <size id="T" name="37.5">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 6, UK: 4,5</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">37.5</name>
        <size id="U" name="38">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 6,5, UK: 5</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">38</name>
        <size id="V" name="38.5">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 7, UK: 5,5</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">38.5</name>
        <size id="W" name="39">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 7,5, UK: 5,5</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">39</name>
        <size id="X" name="39.5">
            <name xml:lang="eng">US: 7,5, UK: 6</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">39.5</name>
        <size id="Y" name="40">
            <name xml:lang="ger">US: 8, UK: 6,5</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">40</name>
    <group id="-1" name="A group of universal size">
        <size id="0" name="uniw">
            <name xml:lang="eng">universal</name>
            <name xml:lang="pol">uniwersalny</name>

XML Schema Validator: plik sizes (XSD) file