More about dividing orders in the

How can I utilize order dividing function?

Order dividing option allows to create second order with the same data, as in the base order. You can utilize it, if some of ordered products are unavailable and you cannot complete this order. By transferring these products to new order, you can further handle order with products, you currently have in stock. This tool can be also a very useful for stores selling very large products, so sending them can be very difficult in one consignment - this is why it is easier to divide them into i.e. three smaller orders, so you can send it using indicated courier pallet.

How to divide order?

After clicking on order dividing option, a special form will be displayed. You can determine there, which products and how many of them should be transferred to the new order. You have Quantity and Products reservations columns at your disposal. The sum of products quantities in new orders should be exactly the same as in the base order you currently divide. The same rule applies to reservations.

You can use automatic filling of Quantity and Reservations columns - system will detect automatically, which products block order completion and will supplement appropriate columns.