Barcode standards supported by the IdoSell Shop administration panel

You can use the most popular EAN-13 or CODE39 standards for barcode labels available in the IdoSell Shop administration panel. Learn which standard is best for your business.

Code39 (recommended)

Code39 is an alphanumeric barcode, so it includes both numbers and letters. This code enables encoding 43 alphanumeric signs (capital letters from A to Z, numbers, special characters: -, ., space, $, /, +, %).

This standard can be read by almost every barcode reader.

Notice: If you have many products and over 1000 sizes in the administration panel, while printing barcode labels you should use the Code39 standard which can support a considerably greater number of characters than EAN-13. Thus, you can generate product barcodes even If your administration panel includes thousands of products in many sizes.


EAN-13 is a numeric barcode, so it should include numbers only. Up to 12 numbers can be encoded with this standard (the last one, the thirteenth number is a so-called control number). EAN-13 is used mainly for package labeling. EAN-13 version is also used for coding ISBN and ISSN numbers which can be found on book and magazine covers.

This code standard requires a relatively high print precision. Thus, it can not be used with low-quality paper (e.g. cardboard) and requires good-quality printers.

Remember that EAN-13 enables using 12 numbers only – the last, thirteenth number is a control sum

In order for the variable responsible for generating an EAN-13 barcode to work properly, the product must include:

  • 12-number code since EAN-13 code includes 12 numbers. Then the last (13th) number is a calculated control sum.
  • 13-number code if the last (13th) number is a proper control sum. If a product code includes 13 numbers with an incorrect control sum, then you will be informed about an error.
  • If a product code includes less numbers than 12, then the rest of the numbers will be completed automatically, including the 13th number being a control sum. Such process is necessary for maintaining compatibility with the EAN-13 format'.


E.g. IAI code is "1".

While generating label, a barcode was built on the basis of the product ID + size ID and completed with the missing numbers (zeros were added), and in the end a control sum was calculated (9).

Notice: Currently generating EAN-13 standard codes works only for IAI codes.

Do not use EAN-13 if your product codes include both numbers and letters.

We do not recommend using EAN-13 standard for printing barcodes for product labels, because it enables saving numbers only.

Thus, we recommend using Code39 standards, which enables encoding capital letters from A to Z, numbers, special characters: -, ., space, $, /, +, %