Full functionality and efficient selling guaranteed.

As result of cooperation between you and IAI, you get a mobile and fully functional system platform especially designed for running on-line stores.

As a result of cooperation with our company, you are guaranteed with receiving of an effective and mobile web sales system, allowing for smooth and almost effortless running the e-shop.

In combination with a good product offer, proper pricing and our experience and commitment, your company receives a mobile project, which will - in the future - contribute to the success of entire enterprise. We can guarantee you that we will fulfill your individual wishes.

We guarantee that your company will not be left alone - at any moment - in dealing with the problems of the Internet sales. If an error is reported by your company, fixes to the system are applied immediately, and - most importantly - at no extra charge. The cost of implementing new modules are being borne by our company and we do not charge you in any way, except - of course - the monthly subscription fee.

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