VAT Invoices for using service

A convenient method of payment under your control. Decide how much and when you want to pay.

VAT invoices for's services are issued in an electronic form. In case you have doubts about this form, please read the section why our invoices are treated as full VAT invoices. Each of the issued invoices, including archived versions, can be found in the Administration Panel of your online store. You can download the invoice in PDF format and print it anytime you want.

The first VAT invoice includes the implementation charge in accordance with the pro forma invoice which was sent at the moment of making an order. Since we use prepayments to settle accounts with our clients, each successive invoice will be issued at the moment of receiving your payment. You decide upon the amount of payment on your own. Each payment is transferred to your balance and can be spent on subscription fees, or any other services according to the price list.

You can review invoice documents and check payment status anytime. Do you wish to print an invoice? It is very simple. Download it in PDF format and just print it. If you have ordered an online store, and you want to receive an invoice document before implementation process, we will send it in PDF format to your email address. You can also download it from the Administration Panel.

Information concerning settlements, your actual balance, as well as all issued invoices can be found in the Customer Service Centre.