Legal and technical information about cookies usage policy

So our customer could be more aware of what cookies (and what for) are used by the, we created this page and information.

What are "cookies" and why are they even used?

"Cookie" files are data - text in particular - stored on users' devices and used by web pages and on-line applications. Such files allow to recognize user's device and display a personalized version of indicated page. Cookies are a part of HTTP protocol used for communication between browser and server. Cookie files contain: key with value name, value itself and lifespan, after which cookie should be deleted by browser. The doesn't use cookie files in any way that conflicts with typical, everyday uses of web browsers available on the market.

Cookie files are used to adjust contents of web pages to user individual preferences and optimize the use of them. They are also used to created anonymous traffic statistics without the capability of identifying user.

What types of cookies are generated by the

There are two types of cookies used on web pages - session and persistent.

  1. Persistent cookies - remain on user device for the entire time indicated in their parameters or when manually deleted by the user.
  2. Session cookies - remain on user devices until logout or turning off web browser. We do not use these cookies as a standard.
  3. Cookie files used by external sites integrated with store, e.g. Google Analytics, including those used by web page users, that underlie their privacy policies. usually sets following cookies:

  • "client" and "_IAI_AC" - these are persistent cookies with session ID. Lifespan is - accordingly - 1 day and 7 days.
  • "page_counter" - visited pages counter, which can be used by customers to utilize built-in and own JavaScripts, performing indicated actions (like e.g. limiting the number of adverts displayed at once) - lifespan is 1 day.
  • "affiliate" - customer login (store partner), who - within store affiliate partner - directed other user to the store. Lifespan is 90 days.
  • If store uses so-called basket-sharing between shops in panel, those cookies are set for other domains too.

Do cookie files contain any personal details?

The does not store any personal details in its cookie files.

Is it possible to delete cookies?

Web browsers - as a standard - allow to store cookies on the users' devices. This setting can be of course changed in web browser settings or cookies stored by the browser can be manually deleted (or automatically cleared on close) after session end. Detailed information on browser settings can be found in help of the application, you are using. Remember however, that limiting storing cookie files can influence the work of multiple web pages or even block some options, particularly those, that require user to perform some actions before content is displayed.