The IdoSell Shop contract assignment

All procedures with minimum formalities. See how to assign your online store to another company quickly and easily.

The IdoSell Shop contract assignment is performed in case of selling an online store or merging with another company. However, there is no need to do it if a company running an online store changes its place of business, its name or transforms into a different legal form, keeping the proprietorship.

First of all, you need to prepare a declaration of assignment.

The last page of the aforementioned document includes detailed instructions. Please familiarize yourself with the necessary information but do not print the document and do not send it to us. The assignment form must include the signatures of the parties authorized to represent both companies:

  • in case of a sole proprietorship and partnerships - it must be signed by the proprietor (business owner)
  • in case of general partnerships - it must be signed by all proprietors or co-owners with individual representation
  • in case of limited and joint-stock companies - it must be signed by the authorized members of the board of directors

The lack of the required signatures or the insufficient number of the signatures (e.g. the assignment document is signed by only one person from the board of directors) makes the contract assignment null and void.

Please send us one copy of the filled assignment document. The document may be signed by hand and send to us via post, or signed electronically (valid electronic signature is required) and send through the IdoSell Shop ticketing system. After completing the contract assignment process, we will send the electronically (with the valid electronic signature) or traditionally signed document through the ticketing system.

Do not forget to enclose the Contract of the IdoSell Shop service filled in and signed by a new owner of an online store to the assignment document. We also require enclosed registration documents of a new owner's business.

The termination of a contract

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