All procedures with a minimum of formalities. See how easy and quickly you can enter into agreement with IAI Company.

Contract for the IdoSell Shop service is concluded automatically when you send us an electronic order form from the company webpage.

Contract form can be found below. It is a document in PDF format. You can either fill it out manually (and send it, signed and stamped, by mail) or electronically. In the latter case, there are two ways of handling:

  1. The form can be filled out electronically (using the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader) and printed, then signed, sealed and sent by mail.
  2. The form can also be completed electronically and signed electronically (using a qualified electronic signature) and then sent to us via the CSC (ticket).
plik IdoSell Shop Contract

The last page of the aforementioned form includes detailed instructions of filling it. Please get acquainted with it but do not print and send it to us. The agreement confirmation form must include the signatures of the people authorized to represent both of the companies:

  • in case of sole proprietorship and partnerships - it must be signed by the proprietor (business owner),
  • in case of general partnerships - it must be signed by all proprietors or co-owners with individual representation,
  • in case of limited and joint-stock companies - it must be signed by the authorized members of the board of directors.

Lack of the required signatures or insufficient number of the signatures (e.g. agreement form signed by only one person from the board of directors) causes the entire contract to be null and void.

Do not forget to enclose the company registration documents. Registration documents include a Company and a VAT registration number assignments, and a valid extract from the relevant Register of Companies. Please also make sure that you attach current versions of these documents, and that data entered in the Agreement corresponds to the information from these documents.