Wildcard SSL certificates for store technical domain

The IdoSell Shop on-line stores can use all benefits of encrypted and SSL protocol secured data transfer without the need of buying their own certificate.You will get one for free from us.

Every IdoSell shop has SSL active from the start. It is the so-called Wildcard certificate - one used for an entire family of domains. We use it for all *.iai-shop.com/*.idosell.com domains.

What are the benefits of using the IAI certificate?

  • The greatest advantage of our solution is that is free - there is no additional cost for purchasing your own SSL certificate
  • Certificate for the technical domain allows you to use your own domains. Switching to technical domain and activating SSL occurs when a client needs to enter personal details or sign in. Thanks to this, client will probably not even notice the address change in the web browser bar. Many sites use the same mechanism, displaying additional secured domain e.g. ssl.domainname.com. However, if a one notices that page is unsecured, one can even leave the page and abandon the purchase process.
  • This solution ensures the same security level for the buyer as using your own SSL certificate for the store domain. It is also 100% compliant with current laws and regulations.