Web design and development services for existing stores

Web design and development services for existing stores

Unlike many SaaS ecommerce platforms or creative agencies, IdoSell Shop provides professional web development and design services after your store is already launched. Our Web Development department employs experienced ecommerce web designers and developers, whose know-how can be utilised to further grow your store's effectiveness and attractiveness.

Implementing an online store is only the first step in the journey to success. That is why, after your store is launched you still have access to all our experts andservices, known to you from the shop implementation stage. This lets you continuously grow and improve your shop, implement new ideas, without the need to look for external web design services, or employing new developers yourself. You can rely on experts who know your store, and the IdoSell Shop platform inside out.

Your own Shop Supervisor

After the initial implementation, or first custom commission, each IdoSell Shop client is assigned a Web Developer as their dedicated Shop Supervisor. It is usually a person that already knows your shop and we aim not to change an already assigned Supervisor, unless you specifically instruct us to do so. You can therefore be confident that design or development tasks you commission to the Web Development department first go through a person that already knows your shop's structure, change history, and more often than not - your personal graphical preferences.

Custom design and development commissions

Any successful online store requires constant improvements to stay ahead of the curve. These include, but are not limited to, optimising the overall offer, extending the shop's functionality and working on keeping the look and feel of both the entire site and its individual elements (e.g. banners) up to date. These are some of the most common custom commissions we implement for our clients:

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At IdoSell Shop we strive to constantly improve the functionality of our platform, in order to increase our clients' conversion rates and improve the overall end customer experience. We not only follow, but create new trends and best practices in the ecommerce landscape. All updates and new features are made available in all standard templates, at no extra cost to our clients. If your store uses a custom template design that modifies certain universal functionality, some newly released features may require additional work to become available on your site. In such case, you can contact the Web Development department at any time you see a new feature you would like to have implemented in your custom design. Information about updates is always published on our Blog.

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Implementing changes and new sites

Improving your shop sometimes requires implementing changes such as a new site navigation structure, different product configuration tools, new way of presenting product lists, etc. You can count on us any time you are planning to make changes to your shop's website, implement new frontend features or create completely new sub-sites.

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Graphical design

Promoting a new discount campaign, launching a product or collection, start of a seasonal sale - those often require preparation of attractive banners, toplayers, newsletters and landing pages. You can have those created professionally by our Web Developers.

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A/B testing

Are you wondering which method of presenting a new discount campaign would be the most effective? Whether modifying the checkout process would increase the number of incoming orders? You can verify your ideas with the help of our specialists by implementing A/B (split) testing scenarios.

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Ecommerce, and online sales in general, is a constantly changing environment. New trends appear seemingly out of nowhere, technology evolves, SEO guidelines change, etc. As a rule of thumb, we recommend performing a detailed analysis of the current trends and redesigning certain aspects, or the entire look and feel of your online store at least every 3 years.


We work based on the "time & material" principle. Each custom commission is individually assessed and an approximate cost is presented prior to beginning any work. The cost approximation includes the time required to gather and analyse the requirements, as well as implement and test changes.

If requirements change during the implementation stage, the cost and estimated completion time are adjusted accordingly. When this happens, you have an opportunity to either accept the new cost structure, or continue with the initial scope of work, and implement additional changes at a later stage.

Clients who require dedicated resources, e.g. for ongoing design of new banners or newsletters for a marketing campaign, have an option to contract a Web Developer by agreeing on a work schedule and its cost in advance. Such approach guarantees control over deliverables as well as availability of a consultant at pre-agreed times.

Our experts will help you plan the scope of work and adjust it according to your available budget

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