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Our activities are focused on providing the best HTML code
and integration tools, which also increase the site position in Google search results. In the IdoSell.com you do not have to worry about issues like passive positioning or other technical aspects of such activities.

Positioning of IdoSell Shop

When viewing guides for people conducting e-business, you certainly have come across the positioning term. Recent years have seen a real boom in utilizing the services of paid positioning. Virtually anyone, who is looking for software to run an on-line store, is also looking for search engine-friendly solutions - the so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Positioning in search engines are these activities that contribute to elevating the website address position displayed in the search results. The perfect is - of course - the first place, but equally good and cheaper is the second or even fourth position.

Positioning requires considerable knowledge about how search engines work and how to create web pages. Each search engine is ruled by other laws. How many search engines are there? No one can count them all. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with the majority of them, because the number of people, who visit them, is negligible. Studies show that the Google has been occupying the first place for years, so this is the main search engine we focus our actions on.

There are a large group of providers of paid positioning services, often resorting to unfair practices, making it difficult for an ordinary party to obtain the first place in results. Positioning in "fast" method requires extensive knowledge and considerable involvement of the person who cares about the shop position in search results. 'Because we are not able to provide analysis of keywords, competitors and promotion of links, our activities are mainly focused on providing the best possible HTML code and integration tools, which also increase the website position in Google results.