Saving time

We thoroughly considered the functionality of in the context of a convenient management of multiple online stores in a single Administration Panel. This way, you will be able to handle sales in many online stores as if it were a singe online store. Want to learn more? Proceed to section "How does it work?" on page Multiple online stores in a single panel.

Many online stores in one panel - saving time and money. gives you the opportunity to open multiple online stores network at low costs using a single Administration Panel. Everything is designed in such a way so as to save both your money and the time required to manage online sales. offers low costs and transparent rules

An installation fee for each successive online store in the Administration Panel is just 25GBP / 28,5EUR net instead of the standard 149GBP / 169EUR net. Moreover, no additional subscription fee is charged. We only collect a small charge amounting to 6,25GBP / 7,5EUR net for each additional online shop installed in the panel. The subscription fee is shared among all of your shops in the panel - traffic, visits, API calls and product views are counted collectively for all the stores.

Each of the subsequent shops added to the panel can be ordered either with a graphic design, in accordance with the prices of the variants, or without it. We can also copy the entire mask of the existing shop, and you will only pay for the ordered modifications - it is really worth the cost if you already have an online store and you want the second one to be similar to it.