A dedicated mobile app, displaying your online shop

If 60% of all phones on the market are smartphones, then why only 3% of users decide to do shopping via a mobile device? Probably because most of online payment systems are not really adapted for mobile phones. What should a mobile consumer do to buy via a smartphone easily and quickly? The answer is easy - use the newest application designed by IdoSell Shop for online shops. Thanks to this application, all m-consumers will make a purchase in your shop without any problems.

A mobile application for e-sellers and their clients aims at making the access to m-commerce solutions easier for sellers and their clients.

„We would like to further develop mobile app solutions and ensure safe and comfortable shopping experience for the customers, at the same time maximizing profits in a mobile channel for the IdoSell shops.” - IdoSell Shop CEO, Paweł Fornalski

“Mobilize” yourself – m-commerce is the future of e-trade

Consumers often expect from mobile technologies suppliers more than simple social applications or applications allowing to view content and news. Consumers want to proceed with bank operations via their mobiles and what is more - do shopping. Revenue from m-commerce in Europe is predicted to increase by 60% a year and reach 3 bn EUR in 2015 – according to Forrester Research. However, in order to use the potential of m-commerce, making payments has to be easy and available from a smartphone or a tablet. Otherwise, mobile consumers will lose their motivation for shopping. The sellers who will quickly adapt their shops to the market expectations have bigger chances for considerable profits and a competitive edge over other retailers.

„For a long time we have noticed that polish consumers doing shopping via mobile devices are twice as likely to choose foreign shops. The reason behind it is simple - many Polish shops are not adjusted to mobile devices." – says Ganna Yevtushenko, Head of Business Development of PayPal in Central & Eastern Europe.

Usually, the cost of such application is about a few hundred pounds per year (including updates and maintenance in AppStore). However, providing your customers with a mobile application increases their commitment and what follows – sales. Moreover, users of mobile devices are less sensitive to a price factor - while doing shoping, they often make quick, impulsive decisions.

„Due to a constant developemnt of a mobile sector and the fact that customers expect easy shopping via mobile devices, we have decided to make a special application available to our clients. IdoSell Shop took care of its implementation. The company was able to fully meet our expectations by designing a simple and user-friendly application which at the same time includes all the functions of a desktop shop. The big advantage of the application is also the ability to work on different systems - it work both on Android and iOS-based devices. CzasNaButy.pl has always wanted to be a shop which would be as client-friendly as possible - the application implemented by IdoSell Shop helps us in pursuing this goal. We are very satisfied with the effects.” - stresses one of our clients, Marek Wawrzyczek, the owner of CzasNaButy.pl.

What distinguishes our mobile application and how does it work?

Thanks to the application, your customers are always up to date with the newest special offers and trends in your online shop, regardless of time and place. They can also quickly and safely place an order. However, IdoSell Shop offers much more:

  • The users of the application stay signed in all the time - the application has to be launched and clients can proceed to placing order in your online shop.
  • The interface of the application is created similarly to a mobile and RWD version of the shop - it helps to mantain coherence of visual identification of your brand.
  • Constantly updated, personalised recommendations created on the basis of a customer's preferences gathered by the intelligent recommendation system IAI RS. The system gathers information about consumers behaviours and relations between the products they have bought, viewed or added to a basket. Your customers can therefore quickly check the products that they might be interested in.
  • A user visiting your shop from a smartphone browser will automatically receive a proposal to download a free application onto his device.
  • Shopping list – application users do not need to write down what they want to buy now or in the future, or remember prices – the application stores the most important information.
  • Extended product search engine due to which customers may easily and quickly find products even when using a mobile device.
  • Possibility of adding products to favorites.
  • Access to a customer account in a shop.
  • Access to a basket from the application menu.
  • The application is designed for App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android) platforms.

How to order the application for my online shop and what are the costs?

The mobile application can be prepared within any implementation package. Creating the application reduces the amount of working hours of a given implementation package. Thanks to our innovative technology, the application interface is produced simultaneously with the mobile layout and thus, it is the same as the one in a mobile store. Because of this, the cost of creating and uploading the application to App Store and Google Play does not exceed 10 working hours for the new stores being created within the implementation package. If the implementation process is finished and the application was not initially ordered, the individual pricing and confirmation of the possibility of creating the application is necessary.

To order the application for your store, it is advisable to include it in your implementation package requirements.


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