Triggered email and text messages

You can use the IdoSell Shop messaging module to send customized, triggered messages to your customers via either email or text, to inform them about new products, promotions, or other news.

Email messages are by default configured on the server where your shop was installed. You can add an unlimited number of email accounts in the administration panel. We suggest using a dedicated mailing server for the purpose of sending newsletters in order to be able to fully configure and control the process.

Text messages (SMS) can be activated in ADMINISTRATION / Shop panel configuration. IdoSell Shop provides mechanisms for optimizing the costs related to sending of text messages. The contents can be fully personalized, including individual branding in order to enhance the customer experience. You can read more about text messaging here.

Content of both email and text messages can be entered manually or based on fully responsive templates we prepared for you. While creating the message content you have access to dynamic variables related to orders, customers or products. Have a look at an example message sent out during order processing below:

We offer very competetive prices for sending out text messages, you can find out about the ranges in the detailed SMS pricelist.