E-mail and SMS notifications about product re-availability

Allow your customers to easily sign up to to product re-availability notification.

When customer finds a product in store and notices, that it is unavailable to buy, one frequently goes to another store. The IdoSell.com will help you to keep your customers, with help from automatic e-mails and SMS notifying about product availability!

Automatic e-mails and SMS sending without registration!

It doesn't matter, whether visitor is signed in or not - you can always sign up to the notification mechanism, providing e-mail address or mobile number. Customer can use simple form on indicated product card.

If only this particular product appears in stocks, the system will automatically send e-mail or SMS to contact details provided by the store visitor.

Possibility of creating your own e-mail and SMS message template!

As a IAI customer you can utilize default notification templates that are available in the administration panel. You can of course modify them freely or restore to defaults.

How much does it cost to use the mechanism of product re-availability notification?

Sending e-mails is free of charge. Sending SMS costs can be always checked in SMS sending price list. You have all you need, to use the notification tool. If you however want to modify something (element display or messages templates), our graphics department is always at your services.

Learn more about commissions performed by our graphic designers and how much does it cost.