SMS and e-mail triggered messages in your on-line store

Triggered messages are very important addition to every on-line store. There are multiple applications of this tool. For example they allow to obtain feedback, award active buyers or send guides.

There are two types of triggered messages in the e-mails and SMS. You can find a set of events, in relation to which the messages are being sent, in your administration panel. You can create any number of campaigns in relation to an indicated event, sent set number of days before or after the event.

Benefits of using triggered messages

Triggered messages are sent in relation to indicated event. You can send a discount code as a birthday gift to your customer, offer help, when customer left the basket/cart without placing an order or ask, whether consignment sent a few days ago was safely delivered.

Module allows to create campaigns of multiple messages, with every message sent to a different group of recipients. This functionality allows to personalize contents of messages, depending on who receives it.

It can be sent as e.g. request for feedback on ordered products or an invitation to like the company on Facebook fanpage. This tool can also guarantee an easy contact with users, that had never ordered anything from you.

Sample uses

You can find examples of triggered messages for every event available. These can be more than standard uses. This is why we created the "Guidebook sent every set number of days". Your every idea to bring attention of your clients can be executed in various ways, depending on recipients you choose. For example - you can inform customers paying with cash on delivery to paying with advances or those who pay in advance - to purchase products from you with trade credit.

How triggered messages may look

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