Marketing automation in online shop system

Marketing automation is considered one of the main marketing strategies affecting sales growth. Using customer ratings including multiple criteria, which automatically change over time, enables building a unique, personalized content - it provides each customer with an adequate and appropriate message, effectively increasing sales.

IdoSell Shop supports thousands of online stores - it allowed us to observe certain patterns and scenarios used by our customers while conducting marketing campaigns. This knowledge has enabled us to create a set of tools that respond to our customers' needs. A great advantage of IdoSell Shop Marketing Automation is that when you run the shop you have a whole range of ready to use, integrated tools.

What does Marketing Automation comprise of in IdoSell Shop?

Marketing Automation in IdoSell Shop is an integral part of the shop system which allows you to monitor and analyze customer behaviour on the real-time basis. Automation of this process takes place without the need for additional tools enabling integration with external systems.

The primary task of Marketing Automation is the automation of message campaigns sent to customers. In IdoSell Shop, modules of tagging clients and triggered messages campaigns are used for this purpose. Campaigns are grouped according to one of the predefined events and contain messages which are sent to people meeting conditions of a given campaign. You can send an e-mail, as well as a text messages.

Customer rating, namely Lead Scoring, in IdoSell Shop is based on customer tags - it constitutes one of the most important elements of the marketing process. In general understanding it is a selection of valuable contacts by assigning points for certain characteristics and behaviors. This allows for, e.g., assessing someone's interest in our product and suggests which actions should be taken in order to persuade a potential client to buy something.

Customer segmentation, due to customers' behavior in the store, their interests or demographic data, is realized through sophisticated filters which can be modified according to the needs of your campaign.

The analysis of sent messages statistics is a summary of each marketing campaign. They provide an insight into the effectiveness of your actions and help to identify necessary modifications to each campaign in order to increase its efficiency.

If you want the best results, personalized, intelligent recommendations are an important component of marketing automation. Thanks to IAI RS, in received messages, customers will see proposals perfectly matching their needs, even if he have not thought about them yet or did not have time to thoroughly browse the offer of the entire store. Thanks to this mechanism the turnover of your store will increase on average by a further 15%.

What sets us apart from the available solutions on the market?

Looking for advanced features?

In IdoSell Shop we also enable our customers to integrate with professional marketing automation services of our partners. For more information go to:


SALESmanago it is a well-known, comprehensive Marketing Automation system for professionals. Thanks to the enormous possibilities, you can create every marketing campaign that your marketing department can come up with.


Marketingmatic is one of the easiest and the cheapest marketing automation systems on the market, especially recommended for new entrepreneurs. The product allows, for example, mass and personalized e-mail sending, but also advanced analytics of sales and customer behavior.


Marketizator is a platform for conducting marketing activities in real time, such as A/B and multi-variant testing, personalized marketing tickets and surveys among customers of the shop.