Enable affiliate program in your online store

XXI century is blurring borders between consumers and manufacturers, between advertisers and recipients. The phenomenon of Social Media shows that properly utilized community potential can bring enormous benefits. Thus, IdoSell stores have the ability to use the potential of bloggers, YouTubers, or current customers, and engage them in promoting your e-business by participating in the affiliate program.

What is the Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program, otherwise known as affiliate marketing, is a model of an online store cooperation with an influencer (such as a blogger, content publisher) in which, in exchange for promoting your store in (social media, blogs, YouTube, online forums) and placing an order, you pay a commission to the partner. This is a very profitable model of promotion, as you make payments in the PPS (Pay-Per-Sale) model, so you pay only for the effects. In addition, the affiliate program is a long-term promotion, and once you establish a partnership with a well-known blog, you are guaranteed hundreds of new unique visitors a month.

The affiliate program is next to ads AdWords one of the best ways to direct traffic to a store that can deliver tremendous benefits without the heavy workload. It is worth adding that we constantly observe that the value of orders thus obtained is significant and is constantly growing.

What does IdoSell Shop affiliate program have to offer?

Discount codes - Uber, the most popular ride system, gained its popularity thanks to discount codes. Each user was given a discount code, which enabled their friends to get $ 10 off during the first pass. Initial users also gained a discount. This technique called Growth Hacking Marketing has greatly helped Uber in promoting worldwide. From now on, you can apply the same technique to your online store using the affiliate program discount codes.

Ready to use advertisements - the template allows partners to generate ads themselves, such as banners, which can be posted on their websites, blogs, etc. And for advanced users the IdoSell Shop affiliate program even executes functions like generating PHP code and JavaScript ads that work similarly to Google AdSense ads - this is especially useful for bloggers. Going to your store from such a banner will assign a suitable partner and after the order is completed, they will receive the proper commission.

Cash handout module - when a partner wishes to withdraw funds from gathered commissions, he will order the payment of the funds. You will see a list of payment requests in the store panel, which will allow you to ensure that all partners receive a payout.

Measuring the effectiveness of partner activities - thanks to the dedicated affiliate program Statistics module, showing the effectiveness of all partners, including the sorting option. Partner activities are also visible in the Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis report.

Choose from which orders the partner is to receive a commission - it is possible that the customer will get to your shop after the partner's recommendation, but will not buy anything at all. Then they go to your store again, for example from a price comparison site. In this case, should the partner receive a commission? It depends on you - you decide when your partner receives a commission.

Expanded partner panel - where, after logging in, the partner sees their statistics, commissions earned, prepares links to recommendations, discount codes, or generates ads. In addition, partner can order a commission transfer to marketing_gift-cards-and-vouchers or a cash withdrawal.

Ability to set limits on partner commissioning from already acquired customer orders - in order to motivate partners to attract new customers

Delayed commission option - which will allow you to pay a commission to your partners for example 14 days after it has been charged, to avoid commission payments for the order that can be returned.

Include order returns in your partner's commission balance - if after returning products the system will reduce partner's balance with a commission they received for returned products.

Points granted in a loyalty program instead of money - you can change your affiliate program settings, so that your partner receives a commission in loyalty program, which can be used for shopping in your online store.


You do not have an affiliate program yet? Find out how to launch the Affiliate Program in your online store and have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).