The magic of CLOUD

For an unbelievably low price you gain access to the most advanced on-line sales platform - IdoSell Shop. Hosting services, full technical support, daily updates - all this included even in the lowest subscription plan!

The CLOUD subscription plan is the result of many years of experience in developing SaaS-based applications. Our aim was to create a plan suitable for:

  • on-line stores running seasonal sales - additional charges are automatically reduced during the off-season
  • small, medium and large on-line stores - additional charges are easy to predict and stimulate the on-line store growth. For large shops we offer DEDICATED CLOUD subscription plans
  • stores that are just beginning their internet sales - thanks to the free break-in period and unbelievably low subscription fees for the CLOUD plan.

Thanks to our unique settlement system based on dynamic and predictable additional charges, the CLOUD plan perfectly adapts to any scale of business activity ensuring the highest quality of service at a very low price.

CLOUD subscription plan - €69

Monthly fee covers:
Data Transfer: up to 30GB
Number of Visits: up to 5000
Number of API Calls: up to 100 000
Data storage quota: 10GB
Number of products limit: up to 5000
Functionality: full functionality of the IdoSell Shop system, limited only by CLOUD server capabilities.
Technical support in English

Additional charges depend on 4 parameters:

  1. number of visits na store webpage and number of orders from eBay, Amazon marketplaces (1 order = 20 visits on webpage),
  2. number of API calls,
  3. data transfer size,
  4. number of products,

Unlike many competitors, we do not charge a percentage-based sales commission. Such commission is a sort of punishment for the fact that your store/business is thriving - the more you sell, the higher the fees you incur. Our main goal is to support your growth, not block it. That's why the price of the CLOUD subscription plan depends on the actual usage of the IT infrastructure.

Additional charges

  • Each additional 1GB of data transferred - £0.13 / 0.15€
  • Each additional 1000 site visits - £4 / 5€
  • Each additional 10000 API calls - £2.5 / 3€
  • Each additional 5000 products listed - £7.5 / 15€
  • Each additional shop in the Administration Panel - £8 / 9€

Additional charges will apply when you exceed one of the above listed limits.

Package of 3000 marketplace orders
If you keeping exceeding the CLOUD limits due to large amounts of marketplace orders, this optional package is perfect for you! Thanks to this package no additional visit surcharges will be applied for up to 3000 orders from marketplaces and Amazon. This can lower the monthly costs up to £132 / 165€ on the CLOUD plan. The minimum period of ussage of this service is 30 days. The package does not cover other limits.
The package cost is £100 / 119€.

If CLOUD is not enough...

...and you want to avoid additional charges, you can change CLOUD to DEDICATED CLOUD, where subscription plans are based on dedicated virtual servers.

Detailed information about the provided services, their prices and all additional charges are available in the Idosell Shop Detailed Price List.
The Detailed Price List is the basis for all settlements.

All prices provided are net and exclude the relevant statutory value-added tax (VAT).