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Just In Time - logistics without a warehouse

Dropshipping and cross-docking are two approaches to selling where an online store sells goods that are physically not stocked by the seller. These solutions are especially recommended for stores starting out with their commerce activity, or for already functioning stores that want to expand their assortment.


Sales model that allows for even cheaper and faster delivery of goods to the customer. It allows for the store to have only the minimal storage space required to repack products received from suppliers and ship them to end customers. The essence of cross-docking is to receive multiple items from multiple suppliers and deliver them to one recipient.

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In the dropshipping model, products are delivered to end customers directly by suppliers, without the online store's involvement. A dropshipping store does not have to own warehouse space, but is responsible for acquiring customers, sales and advertising. Order fulfillment is processed by suppliers / wholesalers who manage stock and ship products to end customers.

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Dropshipping and cross-docking

Both sales models can be combined as a hybrid solution together with other IdoSell Shop warehouse management elements. At IdoSell Shop, you can sell products stored in your own warehouse, or present products that will be available in the future (using the pre-sales warehouse module). You can also freely expand your business with dropshipping or cross-docking, where all order and order information is automatically exchanged between suppliers and your online store.


At IdoSell Shop, our experts provide training in effective sales can help in the selection of the right warehouse management tools and processes. In addition to training, we share our knowledge of how to choose the right model of integration with external tools and help with planning and implementing custom solutions.

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Would you like to sell using dropshipping or cross-docking? At IdoSell Shop we support both sales models.

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