Shop mask translation

Want to run your shop abroad? offers you the customer service in different languages. We will also help You to prepare to translate the entire store. You can do this Yourself or use the services of an external translation company. platform is designed to operate stores abroad and offer customer service in different languages. To enable our customers to open a shop abroad, and thus the effective expansion of sales, we offer translation of the entire store.

How to translate the shop mask?

IdoSell Shop customers can translate shop fronts on their own

Own shop mask translation platform offers its users the opportunity to translate the store on their own. The procedure for self-translation includes:

  1. downloading the mask and graphics file from the Admin Panel;
  2. translating the mask file with freeware OmegaT software (available versions for Windows and Mac OSX);
  3. translating the text in the shop graphics;
  4. uploading the translated shop mask texts and sending the translated graphics file to the Graphic Department by ticket in the Admin Panel.

Go to the Translate Your shop section to read the instructions for shop mask self-translation.

Do you have any questions? Is anything unclear?

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