Marketing Automation in your e-Store thanks to IdoSell Shop integration with Marketingmatic

Marketingmatic is the simplest and cheapest Marketing Automation system available and affordable for smaller and growing online stores. This product provides not only a regular e-mailing tool to all your database, but primarily these messages personalization and the advanced transactional and behavioral analytics.

Make use of all of the IdoSell Shop functionality and synchronize sales and customer data with Marketingmatic. This will allow you to personalize your email offers, improve product recommendations on your store's page and make abandoned cart recovery better. You can also perform advanced transactional and behavioral analysis thanks to informative statistical panels.

System advantages

Marketingmatic identifies all your website visitors and monitors their behavior. Based on the gathered information it creates behavioral profiles of both registered and anonymous clients. Then, the system automatically displays personalized product recommendations on the store's page and sends individual e-mail offers using the templates you created, or chosen to use.
You can use all the data provided in the system to increase the number and value of transactions, analyze precisely the products and categories or to plan for future orders. Thanks to it you can adjust your e-Store offer to an actual demand for specific products, finalize the transactions and get detailed reports of your marketing automation actions effectiveness.


 Identification and Monitoring of the e-Store Visitors

System uses the technology that identifies each individual visitor of your website assigning him a unique client ID number. It gathers all the data of his behavior: when, how long and what kind of products was he watching. Having such background of his interests, system creates an individual offer for every single client separately.

 Personalized Offers and Abandoned Cart Recovery

An automatic product adjustment to your clients’ needs allows for their simultaneous placement in e-mail templates and recommendation banners on the website. Such precisely adjusted offer can be sent immediately after client’s visit at the e-Store or in time set by you in messages configurations. Individually triggered messages achieve on average around 300% higher conversion rates. Abandoned cart e-mail offers help recover even 40% of transactions.
 Transactional & Behavioral Product Analysis

 Transactional & Behavioral Product Analysis

Marketingmatic gives you the ability to track and analyse sales. Special panels provides you detailed information about the most or least converting products at your e-Store (viewed / bought), which categories are the most popular, what is an average visit or shopping cart value. Evaluating such data you can adjust your offer to meet your clients’ demands or predict your future revenue.

Find out more about the system at Marketingmatic website.

How to integrate?

To integrate your IdoSell Shop with Marketingmagic go through the step-by-step guidelines here Marketingmatic integration with IdoSell Shop