Adding and managing products

Learn how to add new products to the administration panel, as well as manage, edit and move them between own stocks.

Add items and assign them to Menu

To add the first item, please go to the PRODUCTS / Adding new products section. You will see the product edition tab where you can modify all of the settings. Familiarize yourself with product configuration options, enter the name, photos, description and price. You can also configure product attributes (it is described in the next step of this guide). Add a new item by clicking the Add button. Products will be added to the database and will receive their unique identifier (ID). If you would like to to see how the product will be displayed on the page, find the Link to product card option and click on the link. Now you can add more products. You can add products in the way described above or use other, faster ways:

  • In the tab of a newly added product, have a look at the top of it and click Add similar product.
  • Go to PRODUCTS / Product search and click Search (look at the list of the products), select the item (checkbox in the first column) and click Duplicating products in the bottom bar.

Please note that many product editing options are initially hidden. Their visibility depends on the fact whether the functionality of the Administration Panel was configured or not, for example, you cannot set prices for auction sites, until you set up at least one account in any auction site.
The basic step you need to take is to assign the products to the menu, what was described in shop page configuration. Products can be assigned either directly from the product editing tab or by Product Group Edition tool, described below.

You have a product database and you just want to import it to the Administration Panel? We can perform such an import as a billable task.

Import products to the Ido Sell Shop panel

We offer you a set of available tools which will help you in automatic import of products to the IdoSell Shop panel:

  • Product import via IAI Downloader

You can import the product database - saved in CSV files - to the Administration Panel yourself by using IAI Downloader application from 0.9 version.

Learn more about IAI Downloader!

  • Import products from your FA program

IAI Bridge can generate product list from your FA program to IOF format which is compatible with IAI Downloader.

IAI Bridge supports most popular FA programs on the market. Check if the one you use is on the list of supported applications.

Enter product attributes

Comprehensive information about products is the key to success. Make sure that the PRODUCTS section contains the most important attributes:

  • Producers of products that are in your offer,
  • Categories and subcategories,
  • Size groups and all sizes assigned to them (i.e., size group: WINTER winter boots for men, sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39),
  • Warranties,
  • Series,
  • Supplier,
  • etc.

You can also enter detailed technical descriptions, using the Product description dictionaries.

Manage products from a list of products by using the Product Group edition tool

The list of products (PRODUCTS / Product search) allows for a quick browse and edition of products. Thanks to View configuration option, which is placed over the list of products, you can select which columns are to be displayed. You can also save a product list view which you have previosuly configured.
If you have already defined product attributes, you can assign them to groups by using the Product Group edition tool. This tool is available on the list of products. Check the list of products which you want to edit and click on the Group edition. A new window presenting various options will appear. This is a very helpful tool which speeds up a products editing process, so we recommend checking its features.

Configure stocks and enter proper product quantities

The IdoSell Shop Administration Panel supports the stock management. Start from stock configuration in the ADMINISTRATION / Stock configuration section. Stocks labeled with the letter M and the number, e.g. M2 are the owned stocks. They reflect your actual, existing warehouses. You can configure each of existing stocks and add new ones. A stock labeled as M0 is an external warehouse. Status of this stock reflects the quantity of products that your supplier has (you can add suppliers in the PRODUCTS / Suppliers section and create documents in the STOCK / Deliveries (GRN, SRN).
If you have already set up stocks, you can begin uploading proper quantities of products to the Administration Panel. Before you start adding products, you must decide whether the Control of prime cost of product sales enabled option (ADMINISTRATION / Configuration of shop administration panel) should be active or not. It forces introducing products only through stock documents that require indicating prices of product purchase - on this basis margins to the reports are calculated. If you do not want to use this method of stock management and add products manually, set this option to not and go to the list of products - then select the Stock levels option. This will open a special section that allows you to add products.

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