Preparing your shop to conduct sales

Learn how to prepare your shop to attract customers and handle their orders.

Publish your shop front

Shop front determines the look and functionality of your shop. You can publish a shop front in the MODERATION / Mask change, update, edition and translation section. There is a list of shop fronts divided into two sections: individual and standard shop fronts. STANDARD implementation package is free and includes ready-to-use templates. If you would like to have an individual shop front, choose and order one of the available implementation packages: BASIC, ADVANCED, SOPHISTICATED, SUPREME or adjust any of STANDARD templates to your needs. Remember that you can modify and change the shop front or return to its previous version any time.

Set the welcome page

Welcome page is the perfect tool that helps to, for example, encourage customers to visit your shop. You may display the most important information concerning your shop there or use the welcome page as the one that appears during the technical breaks. You can freely add and edit multiple welcome pages and choose when they should be displayed. To add / edit the welcome page, go to the MODERATION / Welcome pages management section. To set when and for whom the welcome page should be displayed, please go to the MODERATION / Shop behavior management / Access to page control section.

Create navigation menu

Navigation menu is a comprehensive mechanism that allows to manage navigation on the page - not only in the side menu, but also in the upper, lower, main page and guide menus. The maximum number of navigation menus (navigation trees) is 5. The number of available trees depends on the shop front. Trees and their components can be managed freely. To start building your site navigation go to the MODERATION / Menu and descriptive subpages in the shop front section and add a few elements. For each item you can define a tree with several uses, including a link to the list of products, a link to the description / content, a link to the specified URL etc. Note that the elements can be dragged and dropped, moved, copied and merged.

Learn more about navigation Menu.

Configure shop behaviour

We offer you a wide variety of configuration settings associated with the functionality of your site. All options are available in the MODERATION / Shop behavior management section and allow you to configure the following:

  • The ordering process - choose Placing order,
  • The necessity of providing specific data in the registration form - select Customer data form,
  • Products displayed in the special zones on the main page - select the Main page,
  • How to display the list of found products - select Search results,
  • Number of messages displayed in the news section - select News.

These settings are only a few of all available options. We recommend familiarizing with them all.

Complete the content of special pages in the CMS editor

Remember that your website should have special pages concerning the privacy policy regulations, shop terms and conditions, as well as transparent information about your company. Such pages can be added and edited in the special CMS editor. Go to MODERATION / Creating subpages and their content management (CMS editor). You can find all the subpages divided into certain categories there. By choosing the type of pages, you can easily add new or edit the existing subpages. Editing both entire pages and individual fields directly on the site is yet another interesting feature in the panel.

Learn more about the CMS editor.

Set the domain

Having your own, unique and catchy domain name is very important. It must be assigned to the web server and pre-configured on the domain server (called DNS) - if you have not yet purchased a domain, look for offers of well-known hosting companies. You can add your own domain in the Administration Panel. Use the Domain, SSL, redirects and system services management section in the ADMINISTRATION module. It allows for adding individual domains to the IdoSell Shop DNS system and to the web server. Domains can have two statuses. Full delegation status, which we recommend, means a delegation to the IdoSell Shop DNS servers. In case of such delegation, you can easily add sub-domains, manage mail, delegate subdomains etc. In case of record A or CNAME delegation (incomplete delegation), the domain is assigned only to a web server and you cannot manage it through our DNS.
In addition to managing domains, you can also set the main domain (if you have several domains assigned to the shop) - the one which address is given in all of the links.

Learn more about domain assignments.

Prepare marketing tools

To make more people interested in your shop, start promoting your shop as soon as possible. If you already have a unique domain, make sure that its address and offer is visible in price comparers, catalogs and electronic shopping malls. At the same time you should also ensure proper positioning in the search engines. You can try to position the website yourself, by writing news, completing the so-called meta information in both elements of the navigation tree and products descriptions or leave it to proffessionals - Traffic Trends company. It offers attractive conditions of cooperation to IdoSell Shop customers.
The basis for success are loyal customers who choose your shop from all of the other companies available on market. Make sure that their adventure with your shop does not end on a one-time shopping. Provide them with information about available discounts, loyalty cards and the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program. The relevant information can be placed on special pages or sent in e-mail or SMS newsletters.

Learn more about marketing tools which can be found in the IdoSell Shop Administration Panel, in the MARKETING section.

Learn more about the loyalty program.

Learn more about discounts for customers.

Learn more about loyalty cards.

Learn more about e-mail newsletters and SMS newsletters.

Order additional graphics to individual shop front

Before the final publication of the shop, make sure that everything is signed and sealed. If something needs to be improved in the shop front, you can edit it, by making the appropriate changes on your own. If you do not have the time or skills to do this, commission necessary works to our experienced graphics department. In situations where time is of a great importance, you can commission tasks in the Express mode.