Conducting sales on auction sites

Learn how to list your first auctions on auction sites and then handle orders.

Add an auction account

To start selling on auction sites, first you have to add your auction account in the MARKETING / Internet auctions configuration section. Select an auction site and add the account.

Note: Only after adding your auction account, auction listing will be activated in the Administration Panel.

Learn more about setting up auction accounts.

Prepare products and the Administration Panel for future auction listing

To make selling on auction sites easier for you, we have prepared a number of mechanisms and functions:

  • set a separate icon, name and description of a product,
  • ability to set separate prices of products for auction sites,
  • support for auction templates and active variables (Moderation / Auction Templates),
  • assign auction site categories and their parameters to the product,
  • separate profiles of supplies and payments for auction sites (ADMINISTRATION / Delivery and payment services settings for the country),
  • assigning couriers from auction sites to couriers used in your online store (ADMINISTRATION / Delivery configuration / Assign the courier services to external sites courier services),
  • the opportunity to decide which stocks should be used to handle auctions (ADMINISTRATION / Stock configuration - in the stock edition menu: Products from this stock can be used for auction listing option).

If the above options have been properly configured, you can start listing auctions.

List products on auction sites

Auctions may be listed from the list of products (mark products and then select Internet Auctions on the bottom bar) or from the product edition tab (Internet auctions option). There are two ways to list products on auctions:

  • auction listing wizard,
  • auction settings profiles

If you do not have any auction settings profile, you can add it manually (see SALES / Internet Auctions) or set the auctions options with configuration wizard and - in the last step - save the settings in the auction settings profile.

You can also use auction re-listing mechanism which enables you to automatically resume a given auction after it ends. Such re-listing can be managed in the SALES / Internet auctions section.

Learn more about eBay auction listing wizard.

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Handling orders with a downloaded after-purchase form

Administration Panel supports downloading after-purchase forms for auction sites. In the SALES / Internet auctions you can find a section devoted to such forms. After selecting the list you can configure how the system should collect these forms and update the data on such orders - the Settings tab is used for this purpose (it is located above the list).

Note: Downloading the form does not mean that the data in the order have been changed. When the form is downloaded, you should still update the data in the order (available in the order edition and in the SALES / Internet auctions section).

Group import of products from auction sites to the panel

Sellers who have a large number of products listed on auction sites can easily import their offer to the IdoSell Shop administration panel. This way you can both import your entire offer from auction site to your store and manage your eBay sales with great management tools created by IdoSell Shop.

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