IdoSell Shop user guide

Everybody has to start somewhere, that is why we collected useful articles and guides to introduce you to the world of ecommerce. Shall we begin? Learn how to configure your IdoSell Shop according to your requirements with these step by step instructions.


First, familiarize yourself with the installation steps and check out the launch gift, which is received by all of our new clients. Learn how to set up your IdoSell Shop account and find out what the template design guidelines are, which will influence your shop's presentation and its attractiveness to your customers.


You have already ordered your shop, received the administration panel login details and are wondering what to do next. Check out the quick start guide. It will take you through the key configuration steps for getting your store ready to start selling.


Thanks to the 'guide for effective sales' you will learn about the ecommerce environment and the rules behind it. You will find out what the indicators of a successful sales strategy are. You will also learn how to make the best use of the existing IdoSell Shop integrations with couriers, payment services, external marketplaces, price comparison services, etc. All this will let you save time and increase your sales volumes.