Inventory change analysis

IdoSell Shop collects data about inventory changes for all goods. The system will calculate the sales forecast based on historical data. This will help you plan your future deliveries.

What is inventory change analysis and what is it designed for?

Inventory change analysis is a tool which allows you to run inventory management and inventory control in an online shop. Data regarding all inventory operations performed with goods are stored in one place. Based on changes such as deliveries (external and internal), external releases and returns, the analysis will automatically calculate the average amount of sales, as well as the forecast number of days for which the current inventory will be sufficient. The analysis generated will help to plan future deliveries, which you can create directly from the analysis results. You can export the analysis results to ODS format.

What are the benefits of inventory change analysis?

With inventory change analysis, you can learn:

  • The amount of goods taken-in as deliveries (external and internal)
  • The amount of goods sold in orders
  • The amount of goods returned in returns of goods sold
  • The total amount of goods for a specific period of time (delivered - sold + returned)
  • Current inventory
  • Average amount of goods sold over a specific period of time, e.g. What was the average weekly sales volume last month?
  • The forecast period for which the current inventory will be sufficient

Inventory change analysis for all or selected goods, such as:

  • goods that were not sold in a specific period of time (if you do not use IdoSell Shop inventory management, this option is unavailable)
  • goods that were sold below the selected quantity of units
  • goods that were sold above the selected quantity of units
  • goods that need to be delivered (are out-of-inventory)
  • goods that need to be delivered in order for there to be a sufficient amount for a specific number of days
  • goods with a selected level in the availability profile

What inventory change criteria and item attributes are taken into consideration in inventory change analysis?

  • The warehouse at which the changes were made (if you have one warehouse of your own, this option is hidden)
  • the period in which the changes were made
  • the supplier that is currently assigned to an item (if no supplier is defined, this option will be hidden)
  • Pages to which an item is currently assigned (if only one page exists, this option will be hidden)


  • Pic.1 - change of stock levels analysis
  • Pic.2 - results of stock levels change analysis
  • Pic.3 - generating a delivery document