How to check conversion rate and cost-effectiveness of marketing campaigns?

Just use the summary generated by IdoSell Shop, which provides complete data on traffic conversion from different sources across the web (for example, from Google ads). With this information, you can precisely target your marketing efforts and target your services to the most profitable sites. In addition, you may find out that all the profits you earn in your store are spent on inefficient advertising campaigns in directories or search engines.

What do colors in Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis mean?

Colorful digits indicate above-average (green) and below-average (red) sales channels.

How to configure the cost of gaining order?

The cost of gaining orders from auction sites is filled in automatically. In order to configure this cost from other sources, go to REPORTS & FINANCES \ Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis \ Defining costs of entries (link at the top of the page)

Does the source, i.e. mark the search engine or Onet contextual advertising too?

While building the conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis module, we used the so-called source of orders. They register specific types of services, pre-programmed by us. Each service is individually identified, for example, based on parameters or the source of transition. So if the source is Search Engine -, then the context ads are not recorded as a source. Such ads will, for example, be shown on referring sites.

How to configure the cost or purchasing products?

The cost or purchasing products is set while creating a delivery document.

In ADMINISTRATION \ Configuration of stocks and stock management it is possible to configure whether the purchase price is to be the value required for accepting delivery.

How to configure the shipping cost covered by the shop?

The shipping cost covered by the shop is set individually for each available delivery method. It can be configured inADMINISTRATION \ Delivery configuration \ Delivery profiles. Go to the selected profile and then to configuration of the given courier, fill inDelivery cost borne by the store

How to configure the payment cost covered by the shop?

Similarly to delivery costs, payment configuration can be set in‚ADMINISTRATION \ Payment configuration \ Payment profiles. Going to the selected profile, enter the edit payment methods and fill in the field Amount of cost that is borne by the shop

How to configure the insurance cost?

The insurance cost applies to orders in the shops with Trusted Shops Buyer Protection

Why does the cost-effectiveness table show incorrect data?

As long as the selected order is not handled, the data shown in the cost-effectiveness table of the order is based on the estimated calculation. Exact amounts are placed once the order is handled.

Remember that sold goods can not only come from deliveries, but also PX documents where the purchase price is not stated. In the case of sale of goods originating from PX, the profit margin will be equal to the selling price and the purchase price will be zero. This is a correct operation and results from the adopted FIFO stock valuation method.

Can Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis be the basis for accounting and financial settlements?

Conversion and cost-effectiveness analysis displays aggregated data without the ability to apply changes once the order has been placed. Due to the fact that these are most often changes resulting in accounting, we can not treat the data contained there as grounds for accounting and financial settlements.

What kind of attribution model is used?

We use the 'last click' attribution model based on the assumption that the customer purchase decision is made during the last visit (except for the override of the input source described below), and the previous visit to the store is not that important. The last click model is similar to the basic Google Analytics implementation concept. It is most effective with spontaneous purchase decisions of customers when the prior knowledge of the store is secondary.
However, the last click model has been improved by a number of exceptions resulting from the analysis of consumer behavior. It might be said that the last click model in IdoSell Shop works smarter. For example, the transition from organic Google results, if previously there was saved a transition from another channel, we treat it as entering an address. It is often the case that customers enter addresses with errors or incomplete addresses in the address bar, which results in the opening of organic results from which they proceed to resuming purchases. If the first visit is from organic Google results, this will be considered as a source of order. A complete list of rules can be found below:

  1. Transition from SERP:
    1. if it was previously open from another source, we do not treat it as a new source, but just like typing the address directly
    2. If this is the first session opening and we do not have information about another source of client acquisition , it is treated as a transition from SERP
  2. Once the order is completed, we reset the input source so that it is not assigned to the next order.

In terms of SERP, there are included openings from the following sources:

  • Google Search, Images i AdWords
  • Bing
  • Wp pl
  • Onet pl
  • Seznam cz
  • Ask com