Frequently asked questions about restoring products from a backup

Below you can find a list of answers to frequently asked questions. If you could not find the answer you are looking for, please contact customer service.

What is the oldest day you can restore products from?

The mechanism of restoring products from a backup is based on backup files that are available in Administration/Backup copies. The number of these files is limited to 8, which defines the possibility of restoring products up to 7 days ago.

Based on which item products are restored to the panel database?

Products are restored from the backup based on the item ID in the shop panel.

Will I recover products of any type?

There may be 6 types of products in the system: product, packaging, set, collection, virtual product, service . It is possible to recover the data of all of the mentioned types of products except for collection and set. Information about this type of products will not be restored to the store. If you lost products of this type, first for data security, download the file from the selected backup date from Administration/Backup copies and then ((contact/contact-details/?currency=gbp|contact Support)).

Will I recover deleted size groups?

Yes. If the restored products contain sizes that do not exist in any size group, the window for selecting the size group will appear. There are two options to choose from:

  • assigning sizes to a new size group based on the name of the backup file (selected by default),
  • assigning sizes to an existing size group that already exists in the store panel.

Do I recover photos and attachments from the day of their modification/deletion?

Yes. Photos and attachments related to products will be restored from the selected day of backup. Backup files do not contain photos and attachments. They are archived in our system and their restoration is possible only through a tool for restoring products from a backup. There is a possibility to restore deleted or modified photos and attachments up to 7 days ago.

Which state will be restored: stock level or available stock quantity?

Only stock levels can be restored from the backup. To make this possible, in Configuration of stocks and stock management, the option Main stock system should be switch to IdoSell.