Comfortable product grouping in the

Selling different products, you can very often found yourself in situation, when products have multiple versions - i.e. they have different colors or printed design. Product models varying with only one trait are often merged into "product group". Implementation of set of tools to manage these products is the best solution to quicken entering repeating and recurring data of similar products.

Product groups can be added only during editing already existing product.

Remember that:
You need to always find the common element or trait for products you would like to merge. Thoughtful product merging can positively affect company profits and increase the customer loyalty level. Scrappy grouping can cause chaos - both in panel and shop page.

Technical suggestion:
Using the product groups mechanism is sensible only when you have many products in base. So, if you sell a limited or small number of products, it makes no sens to limit their visibility with grouping.

To turn on display of all products in group or only main product, use settings available in product search tool or in product card edition mode - in Products group section.

Setting common product parameters in group

Settings of common product parameters can be found on product card in Products group section (click on Display settings) and on the products list (Grouped products).

By means of these options you can freely modify product parameters in group and decide, which one should be the same for all products in group, and which should be defined separately.