Advanced tools to integrate IdoSell Shop with external services

Supporting applications

Thanks to complex integrations you can effectively monitor current state of all your stocks in all wholesale stores and online shops. You can also manage goods issue and be sure that you will not sell a product which is out of stock. Among many applications you can find ones which import and update product database, manage inventory and scan bar codes, synchronise a shop with an external invoice and stock control program or the one supporting a traditional retail store.

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Import and mass data update

With IdoSell Shop you can freely and safely manage even the biggest offer and perform a problem-free group import and update of data. First and foremost, you save your time, what also decreases the amount of possible mistakes. In just a few clicks you can import data, which updates independently every couple of minutes.

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Integration with suppliers

IAI Downloader is an application used to quickly and easily import and update offers provided by various suppliers. You can import the offer of even thousands of products from many suppliers within minutes. The application utilizes IOF, XML and CSV formats.

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Section for developers

We do not want to limit you to our integrations and programs supporting sales. Therefore, our service is adjusted to exchange information with external systems. We make our API available for you so you can easily integrate our administration panel with any external system, application, simple script or online service.

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