E-mail messages - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about supporting Gmail and sending e-mails from IdoSell Shop.

How to setup e-mail accounts in store domain?

Learn more about integration with Google Apps on /google/apps.phtml

How to manage contents of e-mails sent to customers?

Go to MODERATION \ Content management for e-mails sent to customers, where you can edit content of e-mails sent to customers. After going to letter edition, you can load its default content or create new one.
This page in panel allows you to edit contents of letters sent to customers. After selecting edit option next to indicated letter, you can upload default template (from the IdoSell Shop database) or enter your own content. You can also preview the message, before sending it, without deleting its contents.
Please notice the way, we construct letters with conditional blocks and special zones. It will facilitate your work with own templates.
Letters content can be edited independently for every language and store. The IdoSell Shop provides you with templates in English.

What are active variables in e-mail content?

Variables are character sets that are replaced with values, when sending letters to your customers. If you send a message with variable used - i.e. [iai:order_id] - order ID will be displayed to your customer. Not in every message variables will be active, so keep in mind a simple warning: your customer can receive a message with [iai:order_id] instead or his order ID, when indicated variable is inactive in this message type.

E-mail with request for feedback - when is it sent?

E-mail with request for feedback is sent in time defined in Send a message asking for review option available in ADMINISTRATION \ Shop panel configuration. After setting it to Yes new option will be displayed - Mail sending delay along with input field to enter digit - it is a number of days, after which such request will be sent to customer.

Hint: This option of delaying e-mail sending is worth using, when it often happens, that your suppliers deliver products to you with delays.

Is it possible to receive e-mails confirming placing an order by a customer?

To receive such e-mail confirmations, go to ADMINISTRATION \ E-mail account configuration \ edition of a given e-mail account \ Saving sent messages and enter an e-mail into Copy of every message should be directed to e-mail. The same template is sent to a customer placing an order.

Notice: Copies of every message, not only order confirmations, will be sent to an e-mail entered in the section mentioned above. Messages can be filtered through an e-mail software, so that they will be sent to a selected folder.

What conditions should be met, so the system could sent automatic reminder of unpaid advance payments other dues?

To send reminder, following conditions should be met:

  • reminders of unpaid advance payments - order with "not handled" or "waiting for payment" status and unpaid advance payment and unlisted payment,
  • reminders of unpaid prepayments - order with "not handled" or "waiting for payment" status and unpaid prepayment and unlisted payment.

For orders with both conditions met only one reminder is sent - about unpaid advance payment/prepayment. Reminders are sent in a form of e-mail message once every 24h and contain:

  • request to pay for invoice - unpaid VAT invoices are included. Content of this message can be set in /panel/config-mails.php?mail=invoices_request,
  • reminders of unpaid advance payments - sent for orders with unpaid advance payments and unlisted payments. Content of this message can be set in /panel/config-mails.php?mail=prepaids_advance_remind,
  • reminders of unpaid prepayments - sent to orders with unlisted payments. Content of this message can be set in /panel/config-mails.php?mail=prepaids_request_remind.

Reminders are sent in above-mentioned order - depending on payment status. Customer will receive only one message from this set. It means, that if i.e. advance payment has not been paid, only a reminder of unpaid advance payment will be sent. If only invoice is not paid at all or in full, reminders of unpaid advance payment or prepayment will not be sent.