Import and export of supplier settings from the IAI Downloader file

IAI Downloader from 0.9.2 version offers possibility of saving supplier settings to file and reading it from the same file. This option is available in the supplier settings window in the Settings tab. There are two buttons at the bottom of this screen:

  • Save settings to file - allows for saving of setting of offer import to a XML file.
  • Read settings from file - allows for reading of configuration settings from indicated XML file.

For what purpose can I use import and export of settings?

This option is particularly helpful, if one person configures import (i.e. your support) and provides one file, which will be used for further, self-made import of offer or any CSV/XML file.

In addition, in gateway.xml file, which is responsible for configuration of indicated data source, settings from <preset> node can be included. Thanks to this function, applications - that generate data for further import - can configure everything, so that it should not be further configured manually in the IAI Downloader.

This function is dedicated to advanced users, external systems developers or technical support employees.

Go to For Developers section and download the functional specification of the IOF format, describing offer import settings file: preset.xml.