STANDARD RWD 3 template designed for online shops with fewer products and services

STANDARD RWD 3 template is dedicated for online shops with fewer products and services. Stores can present their products and services in a professional and transparent way, using all the features of IdoSell Shop.

STANDARD RWD 3 is visually coherent with the existing templates RWD 1 and RWD 2 . The template is designed according to the latest market trends. STANDARD RWD 3 is very intuitive and user friendly. It allows for conducting effective marketing and promotional campaigns. It is especially recommended for online stores with a smaller assortment. Until recently, online stores with smaller offer could use the classic template RWD 1 and RWD 2 created for selling a wide assortment, which in some cases caused products to be invisible on the site. The alternative is One Page Shop , which in many cases, however, turns out to be insufficient in case of many products. Now every IdoSell online store may use the RWD 3 STANDARD template.

What is our STANDARD RWD 3 template?

Here are some key features of STANDARD RWD 3.

What distinguishes STANDARD RWD 3 from other templates is the way the product and content are presented. The layout is the most commonly used one-column solution allowing for the best presentation and reception of page content. The logo is more exposed in the template<!--0-->, making it more eye catching. Below, you can find our well-known main menu with the intuitive navigation. In the STANDARD RWD 3 template, the main banner area is not limited to the content container and extends to the full width of the screen. Filters have been moved over search results. A banner area can be placed between the products on the list. This solution allows you to focus on a particular product or particular product or service feature in the online store. The buttons for changing banners are within reach of the customer and constitute an intuitive solution. The RWD 3 product card has received an innovative look, breaking with the existing layout to expose the visual part of the product.

Another element is the hotspot zone. The large product photo with the name and short encouraging description of the product is designed to keep the viewer's attention while preserving the versatility of the template. Our graphic department can customize the hotspot zone according to your requirements at any time.

The blog zone is yet another attention-worthy element. The blog zone is intended to present the latest entry, presenting six consecutive entries below. We encourage you to use our mechanisms and write your blog. Including valuable content enriched with proper keywords can significantly improve your search engine position in Google. Publishing content corresponding to the online store profile can attract the attention of customers looking for such information. Users who visit and read the blog, may become your customers in the future.

Separating a photo gallery made it possible to place a large, catalogue photo of a product. Access to the gallery itself is based on the interaction with a dedicated button or main photo. Below you will find the most important features of the product, along with the functionalities of the store, which allow convenient and quick shopping. We have not forgotten about the ability to create, for example, product collections. The presentation of such offer has been thoroughly rebuilt.

The form of product collection presentation has also been rebuilt. With fewer products, products from the collection are presented in a column layout, with large pictures and with full control for the customer in terms of selecting product parameters and collection elements. If a collection consists of more products, the layout changes, and the elements of the collection are presented in the form of a list.

We have taken care of keeping the balance between the size of products photos in collection