STANDARD RWD eBay - a dedicated shop front for online auction shops

An auction shop, due to its uniqueness, requires a special kind of a shop front. STANDARD RWD eBay is a modern, clean and eye-catching layout designed specially for auction shops.

No matter if you already conduct sales on eBay or you are just preparing yourself to do that – our auction shops are a perfect complementary tool for the marketplace itself.

Enable your eBay clients to choose size, color or any other features of products which they purchase.

Thanks to our auction shop, you can present developed functionality of your products, as well as a wide choice of colors, variants, sizes, versions, easily - and more importantly - in accordance with terms and conditions of the marketplace. You can also add additional downloadable attachments to products or, for example, music samples, video presentations etc.

Auction shop requires preparing a special shop front which will present the clients with your offer in a modern and eye-catching way. STANDARD RWD eBay is a free, clean, ready-to-use layout available to all of our clients in every auction shop. The design of this shop front is closely related to eBay itself. It enables you to increase a trust level of your clients, as the auction shop is coherent with eBay and leads the client directly to products which are put up for auctions in this marketplace.

STANDARD RWD eBay shop front can be used only in the auction shop. It results from special changes introduced in a shop structure which adjust the layout to this kind of shop. If you wish to know more about auction shops visit a main page of this section.

On the basis of STANDARD RWD eBay, our highly qualified graphics department can create an individual shop front design which is in compliance with your guidelines and your brand image on eBay. Contact us to order the individual shop front of your auction shop.

The design and the most interesting functions and elements of eBay shop front can be found below

Main page:

  • eBay shop front in all its glory
  • eBay shop front has 4 banner zones which enable easy product promotion or informing the clients about current special offers
  • Three hotspots on main page to draw attention to your offer
  • A search engine encoded in the shop front enables narrowing your search by choosing given categories. The search engine also has a system of hints appearing when you type a text.
  • Developed menu enables an easy process of moving between chosen categories.

Product list:

  • eBay shop front enables browsing the products in two styles of product presentation. The first one is a tile arrangment.
  • Filtering a product list. You can define a given number of different filters to make the process of finding the products put up for an auction easier for the client.
  • eBay shop front enables  browsing the products in two styles of product presentation. The second one is a list arrangement.
  • The possibility of sorting a product list according to various parameters will make browsing easier for the client and adjust the process to his needs.

Product card:

  • Product card in eBay shop front.
  • eBay shop front enables presenting additional features such as colour or size of the products.
  • Shop users have the possibility to rate purchased products. It always makes a shop/brand more trust-worthy.

STANDARD RWD eBay shop front is responsive

A responsive shop front means that if a client would like to do shopping via smartphone, tablet, notebook or a computer with a big screen, your website looks perfect on any given device. The website automatically adjusts its width and elements arrangement in a way which attractively presents the content, at the same time reducing the need to scroll the page to the minimum . Four different widths, coherent with the generally used responsive standards, were encoded in the shop front.

A gallery of eBay shop front adjusted to different screen widths can be found below

  • A sample look of the shop on desktop devices.
  • A sample look of the shop on notebooks and tablets (horizontal)
  • A sample look of the shop on tablets
  • A sample look of the shop on smartphones