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STANDARD CATALOG mask is an attractive way to present your offer

STANDARD CATALOG mask is dedicated to manufacturers and distributors who want to showcase their goods in a professional manner, but do not want customers to place orders through the on-line store distribution channel.

STANDARD CATALOG mask characteristics

The catalog is a unique kind of graphic mask, which does not include ordering functions. There is neither product cart/basket, nor pages related to the choice of delivery and payment forms. If you are a manufacturer or distributor and you need to present your product offer - but do not want to keep selling this way or do not want customers to place orders for goods - select a STANDARD CATALOG mask. Although the store with such a mask will not accept orders automatically, you can still add them yourself from the administration panel and customers will be able to track their further progress. Moreover, the functions - such as making a complaint, adding products to comparison or to list of "favorites" - continue to remain active and available to you and your customers.

STANDARD CATALOG mask - place an order

Starting your own product catalog requires placing an order in the same manner in which our standard on-line shops are commissioned. STANDARD CATALOG mask is available to you immediately after the administration panel installation. This version of the standard mask can also serve as a basis for preparation of your individual company website - product catalog. If you want us to prepare for your product catalog a different look, choose one of our graphics designs and order now.

Main features of the STANDARD CATALOG mask:

  • No possibility to buy products;
  • No pages and functions associated with a cart/basket and placing an order;
  • Active tools for customers registration and login;
  • Full support for orders added through the control panel;
  • Support for electronic payment channels;
  • Order status can be tracked;
  • Access to PDF documents generated for orders;
  • Active Complaint Module (ACM) - complaints can be submitted directly in the shop page after signing in;
  • Support for five arbitrarily defined menus, including two multi-level navigation menus - one in the left column, the second in the top bar;
  • Two views of searched products list - customer chooses how he wants to view your offer;
  • Gallery mode - icons and names of goods are arranged in rows and columns;
  • Detailed mode - additional information are arranged in rows;
  • Filtering the list of hits - to refine your search criteria and find specific products easily. Number and type of filtering operations is set by shop staff;
  • Goods comparer - to line up some goods side by side and easily compare their descriptions;
  • Instalment calculators - customers can independently simulate instalment purchases with integrated calculators of popular banks.

Gallery of STANDARD CATALOG mask

  • CATALOG mask - Main page
  • CATALOG mask - Products list (as a photo gallery)
  • CATALOG mask - Products list (as a list)
  • CATALOG mask - Product card
  • CATALOG mask - 3-menu CMS zone that can be freely filled with information
  • CATALOG mask - Contact information in distinct place
  • CATALOG mask - Logo and top can replaced with Your own
  • CATALOG mask - Quick user menu - all of the buying options were removed (including the basket/cart)
  • CATALOG mask - Gallery view - the client browses Your assortment in a way he sees fit
  • CATALOG mask - Detailed view - the client browses Your assortment in a way he sees fit
  • CATALOG mask - Quick search and list filtering tools
  • CATALOG mask - The buying options were removed but it does not prevent good product presentation

Store look adjustment

STANDARD mask is free and universal solution, so you need to remember, that every professional seller needs to stand out from the crowd, so just adjust your store mask to your individual needs. Colors should be related to your logo. You do not have to commission costly changes all at once - you can start from small but necessary things. Our specialists always to it professionally, so what you get from them is always of highest quality and work is done quickly and safely, so you can rest assured, that your store will remain on-line and fully functional even during the process of uploading changes. Learn more about changes in the shop design.