Basic STANDARD B2B RWD layout configuration

High-quality advertisements and product photos significantly increase attractiveness level of your shop and influence a number of orders. If you use STANDARD B2B RWD layout, take care of proper sizes and proportions of graphics.

Before you introduce changes yourself or hire a graphic designer, please remember that our experienced Graphics Department is at your disposal - our specialists accept commissions concerning comprehensive design of banners, logos, redeveloping navigation menu and many other elements.

Logo and navigation menu

A number of separate navigation menus which you can use depends on the structure of your wholesale store layout. Additional navigation menu can be added by commissioning works to our Graphics Department. Each navigation menu presents the possibility of a wide configuration of its behavior and implementing various types of elements: links to products and CMS subpages or static elements with no links (headers). Navigation menu is numbered. Below you can have a look at the photos presenting where you can find menus and what their numbers are.

  • Menu 1 - a basic product navigation menu is visible on every subpage.
  • Menu 5 - an additional menu for products or information visible on the main page.

Banner ads

Standard wholesale shop layout includes many zones which can be used for placing graphics advertising products, promotional campaigns, displaying brands or giving additional information (for example the possibility to return products or the presence of loyalty program). Below we have enumerated names and numbers of individual zones together with graphics sizes which were used in projects and are optimal for this layout.

  • Main, representative banners.
  • A banner section between special offer zones
  • A banner in the lower section, between news and special offers
  • Banner zones above and below the footer of a wholesale store

Product photos and icons

Product icons are used in many places in your shop such as: promotional boxes, product lists, shopping cart or order details. Product photos are present only at the level of an individual product. You can use as many photos as you like - they can take 3 sizes. "The big photo" can be of any size as it is enlarged to the full size of a client's browser window. There is only one icon for each product and it has two sizes. Below illustrations suggest the best graduating dimensions for icons and photos.

Default graduating dimensions can be set in the administration panel. Please remember that the best effect on your website can be achieved if photos and icons of all products in your wholesale store will have the same proportions (width/height).

  • Recommended sizes of product icons
  • Recommended sizes of product photos