Professional wholesale store thanks to a ready-to-use template

STANDARD B2B i a ready-to-use dedicated solution for wholesalers and manufactures.

STANDARD B2B RWD characteristics

STANDARD B2B mask is the fastest way to create your own online wholesale store. It is a perfect starting point for having a fully personalized store with a wholesale offer. Within any of available implementation packages or through a separate commission to the Graphics Department, we can adjust this advanced and fully functional mask to your business.

Of course, if you do not have any special requirements concerning its personalized look, you can use it freely - just upload your logo, add some banners and other graphical elements to a ready-to-use template. Remember, it is fully functional and you can use it as long as you need.

While designing the STANDARD B2B mask, our main goal was to combine the most functional wholesale store with the most plain and clear graphics possible.

This is why, this business-to-business design is not intrusive and thus, neutral in colors - white, shades of gray and blue are dominant. It facilitates searching for information and focusing on important details. However, the most important thing is that it does not distract customer and draw away his attention from the most important things in wholesale store - products and placing orders.

Of course we have taken care of dozens facilitations and functions necessary in an online wholesale store. The list below presents the most important features:

Access to wholesale store:

  • Special registration form for companies.
  • Access to your store can be limited to registered customers, wholesalers or for everyone (you can decide which solutions suits your business best)
  • Limited access to offer only for chosen delivery regions (based on postal codes).
  • Mobile devices optimization (smartphones, tablets).

Shopping cart:

  • Display of net and gross prices.
  • Dynamic basket management - customer can easily change number of products in the cart both from the product list and a product card of each item.
  • Adding large quantities of products has been improved.
  • Three modes of displaying product list, including a special mode of "fast shopping".
  • Facilitated adding large groups of different products into the cart
  • Special cart subpage grouping products of different sizes.
  • Simplified check-out-process available in the header of a shop.

Purchases and payments:

  • Managing customer balance and credit limit for trade credits.
  • Separate discount and promotion system for wholesalers.
  • Hiding prices and the possibility to purchase products for retailers (again - you decide).
  • Support for all typical delivery and payment methods.
  • Available installment systems.
  • Possibility to define own deliveries with set dates and a division for products.

Products and a search tool (navigation):

  • Intelligent search with hints.
  • Additional information important for wholesalers available on a products list subpage.
  • Possibility of turning on and building your own product list filters.
  • Five separate navigation menus for products, links and information subpages.
  • Rich product descriptions - short and long descriptions, parameters, codes, photos.
  • Supporting sets, units of measure, colors and sizes.
  • Configurators for products available in many versions or the ones which are custom-made.


  • Contact forms.
  • Integration with social networking.
  • Integration with installment systems.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Affiliate program.

Gallery presenting the layout on different screen sizes:

  • 1170 px width
  • 980 px width
  • 768 px width
  • 360 px width

Available language versions

STANDARD B2B RWD layout gallery:

Basic pages of the wholesale store with full functionality:

  • A main page
  • A product list - gallery mode
  • A product list - list mode
  • A product list - a quick order mode
  • A product card

Most interesting features of the layout:

  • A welcome page enables your reguar customers to log into their wholesaler accounts. New clients can go to a special registration form. Contact data constitute a typical element of the welcome page. The welcome page prevents unauthorized individuals to browse your wholesale offer in an aesthetic and accessible way. Our Graphics Department can prepare for you an individual welcome page layout.
  • Wholesale shopping often means many products in one order, high transaction values and choosing many sizes of one product. Dynamic preview of the cart enables you to control your shopping list and a summation in net and gross values.
  • One of the functionalities desired in online wholesale stores is the possibility to check the billing status between a client and a seller. In this layout, balance information is placed right next to the cart. It includes a positive balance (for example from accepted returns), as well as a negative balance (for example a trade credit wating for a repayment).
  • One of the main assumptions concerning  STANDARD B2B RWD layout functionality is presenting maximum number of important functions and information on a product list in order to enable fast and conscious wholesale shopping. The list also enables a dynamic preview of each product specification, information about availability, price (net and gross), as well as a form adding a product to a cart without reloading a page.
  • "Fast orders" is a third kind of product list view. It was made specially for regular customers who can place a fast order for many products in different sizes. This mode includes minimum information - only these necessary for finding a product and placing it in a cart.
  • The first section of a single product card presents a small photo gallery, most important parameters and a shopping form. It includes maximum information useful for an online client, also elements of a great importance for wholesale clients, such as a quantity discount treshold and net prices.
  • Below the gallery and the shopping form there is a section concerning product information. In this place you can attractively present long description of a product, its price, parameters and specification, attach instruction and other documents useful for clients (such as advertisement materials), as well as information concerning conditions and the length of a warranty.
  • Product comparison allows you to select any number of similar products and in a comprehensive manner compare their prices, parameters, important features. If the comparison is not a function useful for your assortment, you can disable all comparison functions with one click in the administration panel, to simplify the interface of a wholesale website.
  • The cart has been designed specially for large purchases. A comprehensively planned list makes it easy to do the last adjustments before placing an order: a removal of products or sizes, a change in quantity, saving products from a cart in a list of observed products.
  • A cart subpage includes a comprehensive summary of products value along with information about the expected date of handling the order, delivery costs, the amount saved due to discounts, balance and eventual number of loyalty points. Additional information that may appear include the possibility to choose bonuses, using discount codes and threshold discounts.

Adjusting the store to your needs

STANDARD mask is a free, yet universal solution. Please remember that every professional seller needs to stand out from the rest. That is why, you should adjust your store mask to your individual needs and your business branch. Colors should harmonize with your logo and the functions should be adjusted to your assortment. You do not have to commission costly, time-consuming changes. Thanks to the possibility of introducing a few distinctive, necessary changes, you will get a professional, fast implementation of a high quality. By commissioning works to our specialists, you have the guarantee of the highest quality possible and that the task will be performed quickly and safely, so you can rest assured, that your store will remain on-line and fully functional even during the process of uploading changes. Learn more about changes in the shop design.

We recommend comprehensive individual implementation of a wholesale store within one of available implementation packages.

Moderation and mask configuration

Please go to Banners, photos, navigation menu, to learn which graphics sizes and graphics proposals should be prepared to use STANDARD B2B RWD layout to its fullest. Such information is recommended for people using standard layout version and the ones employing own graphic designers. The clients for whom we prepare individual wholesale implementations receive full instructions concerning these elements from the mask supervisor.